The Bishopton Biscuit Bandit!

In our science masterclass today, we used paper chromatography to work out the identity of the Bishopton Biscuit Bandit! The biscuit tin in the staffroom had been raided (a serious offence!) and a note was left at the scene. 5 different black pens were found at the scene of the crime, each belonging to a different teacher.

We used a science technique called chromatography to split samples of the ink from the 5 pens and then compared it to the ink found on the letter. Each of the inks separated in different ways and by matching the ink profile from the letter to the ink profile from the samples, we were able to deduce that Miss Cameron was the Bishopton Biscuit Bandit!

I can’t wait to see how we will use science to solve another mystery next week……

Miss Burnett

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