P5S – Scottish Wars of Independence: Battle Weapons

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This week we have been looking at the different types of weapons used by the Scottish army during the Wars of Independence. During our language lessons we have been learning how to take clear and accurate notes whilst researching and I was delighted to see just how well so many of you were doing in this task. Remember it is the only time you will be asked not to write in full sentences!

After completing your notes you worked closely with your clan members to recreate your own versions of the weapons you researched. Can you name any of them for someone at home? Can you tell them a little background information on any of them? Once again, I was impressed at just how well the majority of you worked in your clans. There was some great planning chat going on – well done!

The completed designs have turned out extremely well and I am looking forward to showing them off at Parents Night in a couple of weeks. Your parents/carers are in for a treat!

Here are a few photographs of everyone hard at work.

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