P5S – Book Detectives due 7.9.17

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Today you were issued your Book Detectives homework. Each of you chose a book to read at home. You also decided on the number of chapters/pages you would read. We will reassess this next week to see whether or not it is manageable for you. For Thursday 7th September you should complete the following:

  • Read the chapters/pages chosen. You should read, at least a chapter, aloud to someone at home. If possible, please ask them to complete the feedback form. Remember to use the 3 sharings method when discussing your book (the suggested questions are on the inside cover of your jotter).
  • Complete the Word Finder segment – 5 words with definitions. Please remember to record the page number.
  • Complete the Illustrator segment – draw a picture related to what you have read and write a sentence (or two) to describe what your picture is showing.

Examples of both segments can be found below.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Mrs O’Neill