P5 – Scottish Wars of Independence – Mapping Task

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This week we will be using our skills in mapping to locate the countries, cities and towns visited (or attacked) during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Our learning outcome for this task is:  I can successfully use a map to locate specific places and show these on a blank map.

To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world.SOC 2-14a

The skills we are focusing on today are:

Skills for Learning:Application: I can select specific information from a map and display this correctly on a blank map, showing my understanding of a historical event. 

Skill for WorkSelf-direction: I can remain on task and work collaboratively with my clan members to complete a task in an allocated time.

Using the links below, and a class atlas, you should locate the important places associated with the Wars of Independence. Please read your task sheet carefully, and work closely with your clan members, to  decide on the places you should include in your map.

Google Maps

United Kingdom Map   (click on map to enlarge)

You have ONE HOUR on the laptops to complete your research. You will also have ONE HOUR to complete the second part of the task. Please use your time wisely.

Mrs O’Neill and MrDonaldson