Maths Homework – Week Beginning 28.8.17

Maths homework jotters will be given out in class tomorrow. The maths homework this week is a series of worded Maths problems. Please read each question carefully to ensure you know what is being asked of you and what operation you should use to solve it.

Please include all your working and also include a sentence answer. I will show the class examples of this in class tomorrow. Please complete these questions for Friday. If possible, could you also cover your Maths jotter. If you don’t have any paper, please let me know and I can provide some.

In future weeks Maths homework will be issued on Mondays and will be due in on Fridays.

Word Problems

  1. Samantha has 35 books in her bookcase. Tara has 85 more. How many books does Tara have?
  2. A farm has 52 sheep, 35 cows and 15 pigs. How many animals are there in total?
  3. Bishopton Primary School has 477 children. Bargarran Primary School has 316 children. How many children are there in total at the two schools?
  4. In May, 754 people visit the swimming pool. In June, the number of visitors increases by 343. How many people visit in June?
  5. There are 477 children at Bishopton Primary School. 214 of them are girls. How many are boys?
  6. A tub of pencils has been knocked to the ground. If 6 children pick up 9 pencils each, how many pencils will they have picked up between them?
  7. In June, there were 543 visitors to a theme park. In July, the number of visitors declined by 89. How many visitors were there in July?

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