P5S – Maths Homework Group 1

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Please read each question carefully so you understand fully what is being asked of you and the type of operation which should be used.

Each answer should show all workings and include a sentence answer. I will model how to do this in class on Monday. This task should be completed and returned to school by Friday. Your maths homework jotter will be issued in class on Monday.

Work It Out!

Worded Problems 

  1. There are 477 children at Bishopton Primary School. 219 of them are girls. How many are boys?
  1. There are 45 apples lying on the ground. If 5 children picked up the same amount of apples, how many would they have each?
  1. Forbes went to Costcutters with his pocket money. He had £5.00 to spend. If Forbes bought a magazine for £2.90 and a packet of crisps for 55p, how much money would he have left?
  1. There are 27 children our class. If all of the children received a merit sticker each week, for 2 weeks, how many merit stickers would I need to hand out?
  1. Ellie is saving to buy some new ice skates. She has found the perfect pair which cost £60.00. Unfortunately she only has £36.50 saved. How much money does Ellie still need to buy the ice skates?
  1. We have 27 children in Primary 5S who take part in our Daily Mile sessions. If we were to buy each child a waterproof jacket, costing £10 per jacket, how much would we need to pay in total?
  1. In our class we have 7 groups. If each group has 13 felt pens in their basket, how many pens do we have in total?