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P4C homework w/b 6.11.17


here is your homework for the week.

Spelling – ay,ai,a_e

Red group –












Green group –












Blue group –












Please read and discuss your reading books at home.

Maths – 3 x tables

If possible, use websites such as to learn and revise 3 x tables.

Any questions please ask.

Miss Cameron 🙂


Homework week beginning 1/11

Spelling words – digraphs

red group- numbness, thumb, knight, knitting, photograph, telephone, boomerang, fingerprint, quickly, queue

green and blue group – lamb, thumb, knight, knife, phrase, photograph, boomerang, fingerprint, quickly, queue

Children should read and discuss their reading books at home.


Octagons/Hexagons – What would you add to this number to make 100?

  1. 32
  2. 15
  3. 70
  4. 24
  5. 59

Pentagons- What would you add to this number to make 100?

  1. 30
  2. 10
  3. 70
  4. 20
  5. 50

Answers can be written on the sheet or at the back of the language homework jotter.

If there are any questions please ask.

Miss Cameron 🙂

week beginning 23.10.17


Here is the homework for this week.

Spelling – revision words

Red and green groups -journey, earrings, rhythm, rhyme, vehicle, mention, station, honest, scissors, science.

Blue group – money, journey, spear, earrings, hour, honest, school, earth, below, eyes.


Children should also revise their 5 x tables at home this week to help with telling the time and for a tables quiz on Friday.

Please ask if you are unsure of anything.

Miss Cameron

P4C – Engineer Visit

During technologies time, P4C were lucky enough to have another very special visitor. David came to tell us all about his job as a  building services engineer. He told us all about his job and how it links together with the jobs of other engineers. David has worked on some really exciting projects in the past and we asked him lots of questions all about them. We also learned about some famous Scottish engineer, what an inspiration to us all!

We are learning all about the world of engineering so we can become members of the Institution of Primary Engineers!

Thank you very much to David for coming along to visit us!



here is your homework for the week…

Reading – Reading books were issued today. Please read and discuss your book at home.

Spelling – silent c











Maths – Please revise the 5 times tables for a tables test and speed challenge on Thursday.

Please ask if you are unsure of anything.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!



Miss Cameron 🙂

Maths Week Scotland – Thank You and Feedback

Wow, what an amazing week we have had! Every pupil has experienced a wide range of exciting and challenging activities to highlight the importance and relevance of maths and numeracy. We have thought about how, where and why we use maths in our everyday lives and had fun taking part in our Maths Day on Tuesday.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the local Co-op and showed a great enthusiasm for their homework tasks. Thank you to those of you who sent in and/or tweeted photos of the children using maths and numeracy at home. Pupils were playing Sumdog, interviewing parents, pointing out clocks, weighing and baking!

We think that the first ever Maths Week Scotland has been a huge success and would like to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment below or write a note to tell us what you think about how we did. Tell us what you and your children enjoyed and what we could do better next year.

When we look at the key messages of Maths Week Scotland, I think we definitely ticked all of the boxes:

  • Maths skills, understanding and confidence are important for everyone.
  • Everyone can ‘do’ maths; it’s a way of learning and thinking that we all use and can develop.
  • Maths ‘is everywhere’ and relevant to day-to-day life and work – decision making, problem solving, budgeting, planning, assessing probability and risk, and many more.
  • Being confident about and enjoying maths is about commitment and learning. It’s not ‘a gift’; it’s something we can all acquire if we want to.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards,

Miss McDowall

#MathsWeekScotlandRenfrewshire #MathsWeekScotland #MakingMathsCount

P4C – Maths Day

Today the whole school took part in a number of activities to promote maths during our Maths Week Scotland. In my class you had the opportunity to not only work on your mental maths skills by playing a number of games on Sumdog, but you also had the chance to move your class (and our school) further up the Sumdog leaderboard.

Here are a few photographs from this morning. Look at all the smiling faces. Who would of thought maths could be so much fun?

#MathsWeekScotlandRenfrewshire #MathsWeekScotland #MakingMathsCount

Engineer Visit

During technologies time this week, P4C were lucky enough to have a very special visitor. Sean came to tell us all about his job as an engineer. He is currently working at the new junction into Bishopton and was telling us all about this massive project. He explained what he does in his job and the different skills he needs to use to do it well. Sean also taught us all about the different machines that they use on the building site.

We are learning all about the world of engineering so we can become members of the Institution of Primary Engineers!

Thank you very much to Sean for coming along to visit us!

Primary 4C week beginning 21.08.2017


Today in class we started spelling.  This week there is one spelling list that everyone has to follow.  Our spelling rule is ‘ey’.

Each week you should complete the following tasks at home and return by Friday:

  1. Write out your spelling list twice using look, say, cover, write and check.
  2. Think of and write down another 2 words of your own which follow the weekly spelling rule.
  3. Write 4 sentences using your spelling words.  Remember VCOP and really try to make your sentences fantastic!

There is no reading or maths homework this week.


PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or are unsure of your homework tasks.

Miss Cameron