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Week Beginning Monday 23rd May

Reminder – Jubilee lunch form should be handed in tomorrow at the latest.
Spelling – gn (silent g)
You should all have a copy of your words. Follow the usual pattern. As we are off on Friday, you can hand spelling homework in next Monday. Next week we will do spelling in class as you are off on the Thursday and Friday.
Reading – You should all have an accelerated reader book home. We will do the quiz in class.
Maths – Homework sheet will be issued tomorrow and be completed for next Monday. In addition to this, you can practise the times table games on our blog in the Maths links. Choose a table you feel you need to work on. Good games are Mental Maths Train (has +, -, x and division)
Hit the Button There are lots of others for you to play as well.

Week Beginning 16th May

On Thursday and  Friday this week,  we will be spending some time outdoors even if it rains. So please bring a jumper and a waterproof jacket on those days.

If you are wanting to enter the Site Safety competition, I have attached the PPT presentation in Teams, giving you more details about it.

Spelling                                                                                                                               ure  pattern :                                                                                                                 capture      vulture      feature     pressure      leisure       pleasure

Remember to make a list of shoot words.   Let’s have some fantastic sentences with great adjectives in them! Try to start at least one sentence  with an adverb,  e.g. Suddenly.

Suddenly, the starving vulture ……..

Extra : Can you make a list of extra words that have the ure  pattern?

Reading:   Continue reading your book.

Maths                                                                                                                                    You have all been entered into the Sumdog Renfrewshire Contest. it is on until Thursday evening.  Please play as much as you can  at  home.


Week Beginning Monday 9th May

This is also on Teams


eer sound patterns : eer    ear     ere

Remember to make a list of shoot words.

Take care when you use the words in your sentences as some are homophones – words that sound the same but have different spelling and meaning.  Let’s have some fantastic sentences with great adjectives in them!

Extra : Can you make a list of extra words that also follow the same spelling patterns with the same sound?


Books will be issued tomorrow. Most of you will have them for two weeks.


Discuss with your parents, how they pay for items in the shops and online. Practise your money skills using the following online games.

Toy Shop Money please play mixed coins, £1 to £10 – Exact Coins and Give Change)

Coconut ordering Click on Prices then choose a level   (Counting – Any 4, 5 or 6 coins)

Change Game

p4M Week Beginning 25th April

Wee reminder: Eagles have a non-uniform day on Friday for having most house points.

Spelling Homework

Spelling – al /au/aw for short ‘o’ vowel sound. Do words twice and create shoot words as well. Four sentences using the spelling list. Try to include a connective and adjectives in each sentence. Spelling to be completed for Friday.

MathsSumdog  and complete worksheet for Friday.

Reading – Remember to bring in your accelerated reading book if you still have one at home. You will all be issued with a banded book tomorrow and you have it for two weeks.

Tuesday 19th April – Homework

Great to see you all back today and looking forward to hearing about your holiday throughout the week!


Spelling – no written spelling this week. Look for words in your book (or any other types of text) that have ‘wa’ making the sound ‘wo’, e.g. want/ swan.

Maths – Sumdog

Reading – Read a bit of your book every day at home and return it to your bag so you can also read it at school. If you have an accelerated reader book, then the quiz is to be completed at school.

Junk Needed

Good morning,

As part of their science learning, Primary 4M have been learning about magnets and are excited to build their very own magnetic game.

This is where we need your help. We are on the hunt for some junk modelling resources. Objects like cereal boxes or the cardboard centre of a kitchen roll are perfect. The children have discussed with me what they can bring in from home and what I can provide from the school, there is no need to buy anything new.

Thank you for your continued support.
Miss Grant

P4M Week Beginning 28th February

Just a wee reminder that it is World Book Day on Thursday.  Our whole school theme is based on the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt. Our class colour is brown, so it would be wonderful if you can all come wearing that colour.  This is instead of dressing up as a character.  If you do not have anything brown to wear, then let me know and we can arrange to make you a hat or a sash in that colour.   If you would like to bring in a book from home to share with a friend that would be wonderful!                                                     Remember that we have PE in the afternoon, so you still need to bring a change of clothing for that activity.

Spelling Homework: o os  oes and sentences.(for Friday)

Reading : Try to read a bit every day. If you have your Accelerated Reader Book at home, then remember to bring it in each day.

Maths: Time worksheet to be completed for next Tuesday. You can also hand it in before then.

Any queries, don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Mackay


Maths Websites to Try at Home


A few pupils in my maths group asked me for any good websites or games to use at home so here a few of my favourites. Build upon your skills by starting with lower numbers and number bonds .e.g. to 10, and then move onto 20, then 100, then 1000.

Hit the Button Don’t worry about the timed aspect – just try your best!

Place Value Basketball

Place Value Charts

Ordering & Sequencing


Placing a Number on a Number Line

Helicopter Rescue (Find a number/Count On and Back)

Chopper Squad (1 more/less, 10 more/less)

Mental Maths Train  + – x ÷

Fact Families  If you know one fact, you know three more! 3 + 4 = 7 so 4 + 3 = 7, 7 – 4 = 3, 7 – 4 = 3

BBC Bitesize – P4  Watch videos and play games about many different maths concepts

Sumdog  Play the games to practise at your own level.

Have fun, try your best and remember that practise makes progress!

Miss McDowall