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Pupil of the Day

Today our pupils of the day are Connie P4J and Caitlin  P4F.  Here are their compliments.


You have lovely hair. (Annabelle)

I love  your shoes.  (Amy)

You are very funny.  (Luke)

I like to read, and I am very good at it.



You are a really good friend.  We have had a good friendship for seven years now.  (Olivia Mae)

You are a fast runner. (Gabby)

You are a good tik tokker!  You make good moves and dances.  (Ryan)

I like my shoes.

Homework 7th September 4J and 4F

Good Afternoon,

So good to see that so maClick to viewny of you managed to get online with your new passwords.  If for any reason you are not able to submit homework via Teams, please let us know and we will arrange something else.

Spelling Assignment  ai,  ay,  a-e 

Instructions are in your jotter. To be submitted by Friday 11th.


Try to read at home Monday to Thursday and bring your book in every day.


Click on the link in the P4 blog to take you straight to Sumdog.

Times Tables Games –                    

Enjoy and just try your best!  If you need help with anything, just ask


P4 Homework Information

Dear Parents/carers,

We will be starting homework on Monday 31st August. We will post a Homework letter on the blog to explain the P4 routines but we will not send a paper copy home. Your child will be given a sheet of paper with their usernames and passwords for certain websites they will be using this year. Please keep this in a safe place. They have chosen their glow password themselves and we will not have a record of this in class. However, if they get locked out we can help them out.

As we are trying to minimise paper and resources travelling between school and home, all spelling and maths homework should be completed at home and uploaded on Teams. Every spelling task and maths task will show as an assignment and this is where photos of your child’s work should be attached. We will go over this with your child in school but it is the same procedure as they did during lock down. If you have no access to the internet or a device to use, please let us know so we can work around this. Reading books should usually be given out on a Monday and returned on a Friday. Depending on the length of the book it could be 4 nights (Mon-Thurs) or more.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

P4 Class Teachers