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Just to make you aware, your child was handed out a letter yesterday (Monday) regarding suitable dates for Parents Evening.  Please complete and return by Tuesday 24th September.  Thanks to those of you who have already handed back the tear off slip.

A wee reminder – some children have still to return data check forms handed out at the beginning of the term.  Please return ASAP.

Homework this week is as follows.                                                                           Literacy –                                                                                                                   Reading book                                                                                                              Spelling : oa / ow/ o_e    Remember you can play Spelling City games for fun.

Numeracy & Maths –                                                                                                          I have created a challenge for the times tables.  You have until Sunday to complete it.                                                                                               Also,  if you have a family calendar, it would be good to discuss events recorded on it and look at its features. For example, does the calendar have the days of the week written in full or shortened e.g. M  or Mon? Does each row start with Sunday or Monday? You could create some questions for your parents to answer, e,g.  what day is the 2nd Saturday in October? What day of the week is the first day/last day of a particular month?

As always with homework, just try your best!  It has been great to see most of you reading my comments and acting on advice given to improve neatness, layout or maybe developing a particular skill. Keep it up!

Miss Mackay





Reading book

Spelling : long vowel sound  ie, y, igh, i_e

As well as introducing the new spelling words today, we also explored some of  the free games in that can be played at home. They are fun  for helping reinforce the  spelling  words list. (Access via this blog page. Click on games and choose one of the FREE games).

Maths : We are learning how to use and interpret calendars, so it would be great if you can help your child to memorise the poem, ’30 Days Have September’……, (it is at the back of the front section in the homework diary).

Please complete place value sheet by Friday – it will be issued tomorrow, Tuesday.

Can I please remind you to label all items of clothing. We have a lovely new red M & S cardigan with pockets that none of the girls in P4 are claiming so it has been sent up to the lost property.

Any concerns regarding homework, please let me know. Remember just try your best.

Miss Mackay


A reminder:    P.E. – Mondays and Tuesdays                                                                                               Assembly – Thursdays                                                                                                Pitch and Field –  Read whole school post

SPELLING HOMEWORK  – ai, ay, a-e

Homework to be in by Friday, however, you can hand it in earlier if you wish.  We are continuing with the same format every week in Term 1.  In Term 2 we will alternate between sentences and other spelling tasks.                                                                                                                          It was great to see so many of you making a list of shoot  words and including some in your sentences.  Please keep referring  to the instructions page at the front of your jotter to support the layout.  If you are unsure about any parts of your homework please ask  for help and just try your best.


Books have been issued.

MATHS – 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables.

A tables homework sheet will be issued tomorrow (Tuesday) along with a ‘Times Tables Strategies to Use at Home’ help guide for parents.    Please complete sheet by Friday.

Any queries regarding the above, please ask or pop a note in the diary.

Thank you, Miss Mackay

P4 Spelling Homework

Apologies over any confusion with the spelling homework. The sheet stapled in the front of the Spelling Homework jotter says ‘Every second week, please choose four tasks from the ‘Spelling Homework Tasks’ instead of the sentences.’ This will start in Term 2. We had stapled these in before deciding as a whole school to do the words and sentences for Term 1.

We will issue the Spelling Homework Tasks sheet in Term 2. Please continue to complete the task as described in the example at the front of the jotter. Spelling Homework instructions

Click here to see some good examples of Spelling Homework from P4M for last week’s words.