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Homework – Week Beg 24th February

Spelling – o  os   oes word list.                                                                                  You  should be attempting sentences with connectives and adjectives.

Reading -cont with the  book.

Photos – if the children have photos that illustrate events they have included in their autobiographies, could we please borrow them. You will get them back.

Maths  -Sumdog. Please let me know if you can’t access.


Miss Mackay

Homework 17th February

Spelling this week – o for oa   (active tasks)

Word list : open,  only ,  poem,  pronoun,  mobile,  cocoa

during, better, best, short

Reading – please ensure your reading book is back tomorrow (Tuesday) for comprehension activity.                                                            Read new book over next  two weeks.

Maths – issued tomorrow.  (Complete for next Tuesday) 

I have one helper coming on our trip.  I’m looking for one more person. Please let me know ASAP if you can attend.

Thanks, Miss Mackay


Trip to Vikingar Live on ParentPay

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey about the trip to Vikingar! The trip is now live on ParentPay for you to give permission and to pay the £7 cost. Please click on ‘other items’ to find the trip.

We will be going on Wednesday 4th March and each will require 2 adult helpers. If you are available, please write a note in your child’s homework diary.

Thank you,

Primary 4 Teachers


Homework: Week Beginning 27th January

Homework this week:

Reminder:  Autobiography planning sheet – handed out last week, to be completed by Wednesday.                                                                                        Spelling –  sentences. Remember you should be doing joined up writing and including  but/ because/ so. (For Friday)

New Reading book (over two weeks)


Maths : Fraction sheet ( for next Tuesday)  Tables – daily

P.E – has now been permanently changed to Thursdays and Fridays. Girls should bring a bobble to keep hair tied back for gymnastics.

P4F Homework 13.01.20

Happy New Year to you all!

Homework this week

Spelling –  ‘able’ words and sentences (for Friday). We covered the ‘less’ words in class last week.

Scots’ poem  – Choose poem and practise.

Reading book (finish this week)

Maths  (for next Tuesday)   Complete Area worksheet.  Please also discuss with your child any real life experiences  you’ve had when you  needed to calculate a specific area. e.g.  new carpet being fitted.