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P4B Homework 03/12/19

Spelling  for Friday – (sentences).

Practise songs (and speaking parts if given).

Maths –      Click on  Maths Links at top to practise table facts.          Play  the following games –                                                                                        Hit the Button,                                                                                                                   Maths Trainer,                                                                                                         Demolition Division,                                                                                            Coconut Multiples,                                                                                                  Marlon’s Magical Maths,                                                                                            Mental Maths Train,                                                                                                   Number Fact Families

Christmas Choir to perform at school Christmas Fair

We have enough children who have returned forms to enable us to go ahead and perform at the School Fair on Saturday.                             We have our final rehearsal tomorrow (Wednesday) at lunch time – 12.15 in Miss Mackay’s classroom.  It would be good if you bring a packed lunch.                                                                                                                      On Saturday, we will be performing at 2 o’clock for about 20 minutes on the stage.  We will meet at 1.55pm in the P7 cloakroom near the stage.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.                                                                                      Miss Mackay and Miss Cuthill

Christmas postboxes

It’s that time of year again.  The Christmas postboxes are out in school.   If children wish to post a Christmas card to someone in school please put the child’s name and class on the envelope.  If you think there are 2 people with the same name please put second initial too eg. Sam M . The P3 Christmas posties will deliver your card for you.

ParentPay for Trip Permission

Apologies for any confusion about ParentPay and permission for the visit to the Cornerstone on Thursday 12th December. You must have activated your ParentPay account to have received an email about the trip. Once you receive the email, you will be able to give the permission.

Please let us know by next Wednesday if you have not received an email about the Cornerstone visit.

Thank you in advance,

P4 Class Teachers

P4M – Christmas in a Country of Your Own Choice

Please work with a partner to choose a country to research about how they celebrate Christmas. Use the weblink below:

Why Christmas

You must use the website to answer the following questions:

  • Flag – what does it look like?
  • Where is your country? What is the temperature?
  • Santa Claus – What is he called and what does he do in that country? Does anyone else bring children gifts?
  • Food – Are there any special dishes they eat at Christmas time?
  • How to say Happy Christmas in that country
  • Traditions – what might you see .e.g. trees, decorations, parades etc?
  • Comparison – How do these compare to Scottish traditions (difference and similarities)?

P4B Christmas songs


As part of our open day P4B will be singing some Christmas songs. Below are the links to the songs we will be singing. Everyone has been given a lyrics sheet to practice at home and in class.

Here are the Youtube links to the 7 songs we will be learning:

·         Feliz Navidad

·         Calypso Carol

·         Santa Claus is Coming to Town

·         Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

·         We Wish You a Merry Christmas

·         Santa’s a Scotsman

Thanks, Mr Burrell