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Learning Activities – Thurs 21st May

Sorry the post never uploaded last night.
Please go to teams to find more details, links etc
Your tasks for today are:


  • Spelling – Practise your spelling words and shoot words, then ask someone to quiz you (nothing to hand in).
  • Reading– close procedure on Giraffes – assignment.


  • BMBT 4 – assignment.
  • Fractions and Percentages – use concrete materials you can find around your house to show what you have learned about fractions and percentages (Lego is great for this!). Can you show 50% or ½ of something? Can you show 25% or ¼ of something? What other fractions and percentages can you represent? Nothing to hand in.
  • Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest– finishes today!

Health & Wellbeing

  • Fitness at 9am – Joe Wicks/OtiMabuse/Cosmic Yoga/Go Noodle – or pick something else to get your heart rate up to start your day!
  • Video Call – 11:30 – P4B & P4M
  • Pupil of the Day – leave a comment on the Pupil of the Day post.

Minibeasts Topic

  • Why are bees important? – assignment (to be finished by following week if possible – Thursday 28th)

  Remember you now have 30 days to complete assignments so please don’t stress and go at a pace that suit you!


P4 teachers

P4B Quiz – 2pm

Hi everyone,

Reminder that the team quiz is at 2pm today.

An error was noticed on the the blog post which said it was at 2:30. (blog post was copy and pasted from previous post and timings not updated).

Hope you can all take part. If not do not worry, we will have another quiz in the future.


Mr Burrell



Sumdog – Now Free

Hi Everyone,

Message from Sumdog below.

All of Sumdog is now automatically free for the duration of your closure.

We want to help lighten the mood for children. So if you’ve never experienced premium Sumdog before, then your pupils are going to be in for a treat. They will have access to over 20 fun games that will motivate them to practise maths, spelling and grammar. Enjoy!

Everyone has their logins in their homework diary so should be able to access the site.

Thanks, Mr Burrell


P4B – Pupils not in school.

Hi Everyone,

As some of you are unable to make it to school this week I thought it might be a good idea for you to type up a story about a Viking god. In class you have been learning about,  Freya, Thor, Loki and Iduna. Try to imagine that you are that God for a day and tell us all about what you would get upto. (you have already done this for Odin in class)

Thor – God of Thunder

Freya – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Loki – 1/2 god, 1/2 giant

Iduna – Goddess of Immortality

Once you have completed your story you can email it to me or one of your classmates through glow and we can share it with the class.

(I am aware that this might not be possible for some so there is no pressure to do it)

Regards, Mr Burrell

P4B – Homework

Hi everyone,

Just to clarify, P4B you do not have homework this week. You do however have your homework jotters in your school bags. If you want to do some  homework you can complete your 4 sentences in your spelling homework jotters. For maths remember you can always go on sum-dog and play some maths games.

Thanks, Mr Burrell

P4B Homework

Last week P4B wrote outstanding persuasive letters on why they shouldn’t have homework this week. Due to this no homework will be handed out as you have all been able to convince me that you need a break. (those who wish to do some home work can complete their 4 sentences as normal)

Well done everyone.

Mr Burrell

Female Inventor research/presentations

Hi Everyone,

A huge well done to everyone in P4B who completed their research on female inventors last week.  It was very enjoyable listening to all the interesting inventions these amazing woman have created. A huge well done to the class for being so engaged with each others research and asking each other so many questions about the inventors each of you had chosen .  I will speak to the STEM ambassador group in the school and see if we can display some of the presentations at the STEM afternoon later in the year.

Well done again,

Mr Burrell.