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P4 Hawks – House Art Day

Attention all P4-7 Hawks! We are trying to make use of the sustainable resources that we have available to us at Bishopton Primary and as such, we are asking you all to bring a clean stone along to House Art Day this Thursday. This will allow us to enjoy some eco friendly craft activities and celebrate the great outdoors.

Happy hunting!

P4M are inventors

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Good Evening! It’s been an extremely busy day in P4M as we transformed from pupils to inventors. We were tasked with designing our own calculator and had to take numerous mathematical steps to make it happen.

First, we conducted some market research, creating our own surveys about shape/size/colour and features and asking other classes to choose their favourite option. We used tally marks to total our results and also spoke about 3D shapes, their properties and what might work best to create a useable calculator.

Next, we created a correctly labelled bar chart with our results and discussed which things were most popular, which had the greatest differences and reasons for this. Every group had different topics and results so we were able to use everyone’s work for the next section of the task.

We received a costings sheet and a £20 budget. We had to discuss in our groups which features we wanted to include on our calculator and had to total up our costs to make sure we weren’t over budget, identifying the different between pound and pence. We also had to make sure we included certain things and that everyone was happy.

Then it was time to design! We used a ruler to measure the length and width of our calculator, our screen and our buttons before labelling these on our product. Then we got to add all the cool features!

Finally, we named our product. It was a Maths based name and we also had to include a mathematical symbol and a pattern in our logo.

You all worked extremely hard today and I am proud of each and everyone of you. Your teamwork, growth mindset and determination to complete the challenge was super!

Our class voted and thought that team ‘Smart Timer’ was the calculator they were most likely to buy. Well done! Personally, I would be happy to buy them all!

Please see below for some photos of our day.

Drama Club Show

Attention drama club members! Tomorrow afternoon will be our dress rehearsal for ‘Move It’ and we will perform in front of the school. If you are a member of any of the dance troupes or a dance teacher, please remember to bring your sports clothes (leggings, tracksuit trousers, shorts, t-shirt etc) in a bag. Other cast members only need to wear school uniform as we have your additional outfits in school.

We hope you’re all looking forward to tomorrow – you have worked so hard this year and should be very proud of everything you have achieved. We have enjoyed every second of Drama Club and are extremely impressed with the show you have put together. It’s all about having fun and trying your best and we have had a super year filled with memories!

Just a reminder that our show for families is on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm. Please let one of us know if you have misplaced your tickets and need some more.

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Cauley, Miss Grant and Miss Bachell