Week Beginning 27.9.21 Maths Week Scotland 2021

Homework :                                                                                                                     Our main focus this week is  Maths. We will do Spelling in class. There is a Sumdog competition on just now (it  finishes on Thursday) so try to play a bit every day at home if possible.                                       You also have the double sided Maths Activity sheet in your bag.  You do not need to hand any Maths activities in, however, it would be great if you posted some photos of any of the activities that you choose to complete,  on  Teams. I will set up a post on Teams

If possible, could you please come to school on Friday with £1 to spend at the Co-op, You will be completing a task before spending it.

Co-op Visit Volunteers  : Friday 1st  October  ; 11.30 – 12.30                   We are looking for a few volunteers to accompany us on our trip to the Co-op on Friday morning. I have spoken to the children about it, so if you are  interested in helping us out, please let me know via a note in the school bag tomorrow Wednesday.  If we have lots of offers, then I will choose names at random and let you know ASAP.  Helpers will be given more details later.   Thanks!


Miss Mackay