Week Beginning 20th September


Wednesday :  Photos are in bags

Thursday : Parent appointment times in bag

Friday :   Holiday  Hope you all have a lovely long weekend.

Next week : Monday Holiday.   It will also be Maths Week Scotland so I have planned a visit to the Co-op on Friday 1st October. Please ensure you come to school with a waterproof jacket that day.

This Week’s Homework

Spelling Homework : You have a list of this term’s words. This week’s focus is  ue/ew/u-e.       Your  4 sentences should include a variety of  the spelling words. Complete and return by Thursday

Maths Homework:  Complete the Number Sequence sheet  for next Tuesday

Reading:  You should try to read a bit at home every night. Please bring in your book daily (it may be required for activities) and return it to your bag at the end of the day to take home again.   As we have 2 short weeks, some of you will have this week and next to read your book.

Always try your best! That’s all that can be asked of you.  If you are unsure about anything  regarding homework, then don’t hesitate to to speak to me.

Miss Mackay