P4M & P4H Homework – Monday 7th June

Please complete all tasks to the best of your ability. Please ask me for help or advice before the tasks are due to be returned. Please do not worry too much about homework because if you have asked for help and tried your best that is all I am looking for!

Thank you, Miss McDowall and Miss Boyle

Quick Overview and Reminders

  • Please bring in your House t-shirt for Tuesday 8th June.
  • Spelling – air, are, ere, ear- Friday 11th June
  • Maths – Sumdog Contest – Friday 11th June
  • Reading task on Teams – Friday 11th June
  • Solo Talk – prepare a talk for Friday 11th June
  • Minibeast Food task – this is optional for the end of Term (see Teams)
  • Your own Tables and Common Word Targets (see poly pocket with your own work)



Your spelling task and lists can be found in your Spelling Homework jotter.  Please complete the task and then upload them to the Teams assignment.



Please play as many games as you can on Sumdog to help our class climb the leader board. The contest closes at 8pm on Thursday 10th June.