Monday 17th May -Homework

Walk to School Week
This week we are encouraging you to walk to school when possible. Remember if you need to come by car, then consider parking a bit further away and walking. You have the activity sheet in your bag that you can complete at home if you wish.
Remember to pass the May Newsletter to your parents as well.  It has a lot of important information on it.
Solo Talk – You have 4 weeks to prepare a talk to be presented to the class. See the other post  on the blog for more details. 

This time round all talks must be done in class and not sent in as a video.
Reading Books -try to read every night, Monday to Thursday (AR book or banded book). They should be brought to school daily.
Read instructions on the assignment, or at the front of your spelling jotter, and attach your work at the end of the week. Remember to uplevel your sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and/or a simile if you can.

Group A words: pure, sure, capture, vulture
Group B words : capture, pressure, leisure, vulture, feature, pleasure
You can also practise  your words on the  Spelling City link.
Continue to practise your tables in whatever way helps. Click here to take you to the link to the online Maths games part of the P4 Blog. A Maths sheet will be issued on Tuesday – to be completed for Monday.