P4M & P4H Homework – Monday 29th March

This week we are focusing on the 100 common words that you have been taught since August. You will be quizzed on these on Thursday 1st April. You can practise these words in any way you want but we do not require any written work to be submitted. You will be given a printed copy of the 100 words.

Active Spelling Tasks

Spelling City (Common Words 251-300 and Common words 301-350)

Literacy Planet (Common Words 251-275, 276-300, 301-325, 326-350).

Common Words 251-350


  • Parent Appointment Phone Calls on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March
  • Wear your own clothes on Thursday 1st April.
  • Close at 2.30pm on Thursday 1st April

Thank you,

Miss McDowall and Miss Boyle