P4 – Christmas Around the World Task

Click here for the task sheet.

Learning Outcomes: I can identify similarities or differences between Christian practices and traditions and compare them to how they are celebrated in Scotland.

Skill for Life: Synthesis – I can explain the different ways Christmas is celebrated in a country of my own choice.

Skill for Learning: Organisation and Planning – I can use my time wisely to research and create work that answers the given criteria.


Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated around the world. Every country has different traditions and customs to celebrate which are similar and different to the way it is celebrated in Scotland. In class, we will be learning about Christmas is France and other countries.


Your must work independently to research the traditions of Christmas in a country of your own choice. You should use the suggested websites to find out the following information:

  1. Flag – What does it look like?
  2. Santa Claus – What is he called and what does he do in your chosen country?
  3. Food – What do they eat on the build up to and on Christmas Day?
  4. How to say Happy Christmas in your chosen country
  5. Traditions – What might you see .e.g. trees, decorations, mascots, etc?
  6. Comparison – How do these compare to Scottish traditions (difference and similarities)?

Once you have all of the information, you must create a presentation to share your learning with your peers. You can present it in any way you want .e.g. poster, powerpoint, TV show, news report (these could be recorded at home and emailed to your teacher)… anything at all! Be creative and include all of the information.

Success Criteria

Your research must:

  • include all of the information above (all six points)
  • be creative (entertain your audience through exciting facts to keep their interest)
  • be enjoyable to look at (colourful, correct spelling, interesting images/drawings)