Learning Activities – Thurs 21st May

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Your tasks for today are:


  • Spelling – Practise your spelling words and shoot words, then ask someone to quiz you (nothing to hand in).
  • Reading– close procedure on Giraffes – assignment.


  • BMBT 4 – assignment.
  • Fractions and Percentages – use concrete materials you can find around your house to show what you have learned about fractions and percentages (Lego is great for this!). Can you show 50% or ½ of something? Can you show 25% or ¼ of something? What other fractions and percentages can you represent? Nothing to hand in.
  • Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest– finishes today!

Health & Wellbeing

  • Fitness at 9am – Joe Wicks/OtiMabuse/Cosmic Yoga/Go Noodle – or pick something else to get your heart rate up to start your day!
  • Video Call – 11:30 – P4B & P4M
  • Pupil of the Day – leave a comment on the Pupil of the Day post.

Minibeasts Topic

  • Why are bees important? – assignment (to be finished by following week if possible – Thursday 28th)

  Remember you now have 30 days to complete assignments so please don’t stress and go at a pace that suit you!


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