P4B – Pupils not in school.

Hi Everyone,

As some of you are unable to make it to school this week I thought it might be a good idea for you to type up a story about a Viking god. In class you have been learning about,  Freya, Thor, Loki and Iduna. Try to imagine that you are that God for a day and tell us all about what you would get upto. (you have already done this for Odin in class)

Thor – God of Thunder

Freya – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Loki – 1/2 god, 1/2 giant

Iduna – Goddess of Immortality

Once you have completed your story you can email it to me or one of your classmates through glow and we can share it with the class.

(I am aware that this might not be possible for some so there is no pressure to do it)

Regards, Mr Burrell