P4 Spelling Homework

From Monday we will be alternating our Spelling Homework tasks. Every second week you will complete four tasks from Spelling Homework Tasks sheet. You might not need to use your Spelling Homework jotter for these tasks. For example, you might be typing, saying them, using scrap paper, etc. However, feel free to use your jotter if you want to.

This week (Monday 28th October) is our first week of trying the active tasks at home. You have been issued with a copy of the Spelling Homework Tasks and also the 44 phonemes to help you think about the sounds you use in your words when you write them. For example, if you need to write the word ‘eat’ it could be written as eet, ete or eat. Look at the word once you have written it to see if it looks right, if not what alternative spelling could be used?