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Library visit – Tuesday 2nd October

All P3 children will be visiting Bishopton Library on Tuesday 2nd October to borrow a book.  If you are able to be accompany your child’s class, please let the class teacher know.

P3M  will be leaving about 10.15

P3F will be leaving about 10.45

P3W will be leaving about 11.15

Without adult helpers, these trips, which the children enjoy and are very valuable, would not be possible.  Apologies for the short notice.

Thanks as always

P3 teachers


Your free Primary 2 Read, Write, Count Bag

Your child will soon receive a free bag of books and activities from the Scottish Government’s Read, Write, Count campaign.

Your child’s P3 Read, Write, Count Bag will contain:

  • two picture books
  • Ocean Commotion and money cards
  • Story cubes
  • a notebook with a writing pencil
  • a guide with all the information you need to learn at home

The bag is designed to help you and your child to have fun with reading, writing and counting at home.


Parent Club:

Simple, fun ideas to help parents to build reading, writing and counting in to everyday life, whether that’s at the shops, on the bus, at mealtimes or simply playing at home.

Scottish Book Trust:

Information about Read, Write, Count Bags in your area.


Up-to-date information about learning in Scotland, practical advice and ideas to support children’s learning at home.

The Primary 3 Read, Write, Count Bag is given out to children during Book Week Scotland (19 – 25 November 2018). You and your family can take part in many events happening in libraries and other venues all over the country during Book Week Scotland. Find out more at

You will also be invited along to a launch event in school in late November.  More information to follow.

Best wishes

Catherine Davidson

RSPB visit – Friday 5th October

All P3 classes will have a visit from the RSPB on Friday 5th October.  We will be exploring the school environment (within the school grounds) and we are looking for helpers please for each P3 class.

P3W visit is from 9.00 –  10.00

P3M visit is from 10.00 – 11.00

P3F visit is from 11.15 – 12.15

Please let your child’s teacher know if you are able to help.

Thank you

P3 teachers


Henri Rousseau Art Lesson

During our French time today we looked at work of Henri Rousseau with Miss Hamilton. This is part of our study of French culture and we are looking forward to the European Day of Languages next Wednesday. We all enjoyed working with the watercolours. Here are some photographs of our work 😀!

Well done P3W for all of your hard work!

Miss Hamilton

Maths Week Scotland

Hello everyone, we have had a great start to Maths Week today and are excited about the week ahead.

Homework this week is all numeracy and mathematics themed.

Both activities were issued today in class.

  1. How Did My Family Use Numeracy and Maths Last Night?
  • The purpose of this task is to become aware of how we use numeracy or mathematics in our daily lives.
  • Please discuss with your child the different ways in which the family use maths skills e.g. telling the time to go to bed or measuring ingredients for a meal.
  • Pupils are asked to record some of the ways they or their family used maths e.g. write, draw or make representations.
  • The variety of ways of using maths will be discussed in class throughout the week.
  • Please tweet any photos to:

@BishoptoPS      @AttainRen     @MWSREN

2. Numeracy and Maths Bingo

Try to tick off as many activities on the Bingo grid throughout the week. Can you fill a row? What about two? Could you get a full house?

Remember to please Tweet @BishoptonPS using #MathsWeekScotlandRenfrewshire

Have fun!

We will also be Maths and Munching throughout the week and look forward to seeing some of you at our open afternoon on Thursday at 2.00pm.

As always please ask if you are unsure of anything.

Maths and Munch

@BishoptonPS  @AttainRen     #MWSREN       @PMCmathematics 

Hi, as you know next week is Maths Week Scotland.  We will be taking part in lots of activities and completing many maths themed lessons throughout the week.

We have decided to Maths and Munch as part of Maths Week.  We will be getting together with other classes in the school throughout the week to enjoy some relaxed maths games.  If you have any of the following games at home or any others that you think may be suitable then please bring them in to school for Monday.  Some ideas include – playing cards, Uno, Snakes and Ladders, dice games, Twister, Battleships, Connect Four or any matching numbers games.  Remember to bring a healthy snack too if you wish.

We also hope you can come to our maths themed open afternoon on Thursday afternoon at 2.00pm.

We are excited about Maths Week and will keep you up to date with our activities each day.


P3 teachers

P3W w/b 3.09.18

Hi, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text at home.

Spelling –

silent w











Maths – Please complete the activity on writing dates issued in class.

As always please ask if you are unsure of anything.


P3W w/b 27.08.18

Hi everyone, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading –

Big Cat books were issued in class today.  Please read and discuss at home.  Books will be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. You can also use ‘Rolling Through the Text’ for discussion prompts when reading at home this session.


Silent b











Each week spelling lists will consist of 6 words which follow the weekly rule and 4 common words.  Please see the insert inside the spelling homework jotter issued in class today for spelling activities throughout the week.


We have been  revising the Days of the Week and Months of the Year in class. Please complete the calendar activity issued in class for homework this week.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you are unsure of anything.