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P3F Christmas mug orders

If you ordered your child’s Christmas card online, you should have received your order today.  If you ordered a mug, could you please let your child know if it is OK for them to bring it home or if you would like to collect it from myself or Mrs Kane in the playground at hometime one day next week. Feel free to message me on teams or by email.

Thank you

Mrs F

P3F wk beg 09/11/20

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Homework this week is –

spelling – ou says u as in touch

maths – arrays game  (number patterns that help with multiplication)

reading – enjoy your book and make sure you bring it every day.

There is a new sumdog competition that starts on Friday 13th November and runs until Thursday 19th November.  We will use that for maths homework next week but you could get started on it this Friday.  Good luck !

Mrs Kane will be in class on Monday and Friday this week.

Have a good week.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 02/11/20

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and managed to have a fun time on Hallowe’en.

This week homework is –

spelling – wa says wo

maths – repeated addition – early multiplication

reading – enjoy this week’s book – please remember to bring it every day especially on Thursday

Please remember that at our weekly P3 and P4 assembly on a Tuesday morning, we would love to celebrate your wider achievements ie. achievements outside school like football medals or dancing trophies.  Please let me know of anything you have done.

Have a good week.

Mrs F

P3F wk beg 26/10/20

We hope you’ve had a good weekend.  Mrs Kane is in Monday and Friday this week.

Homework this week is –

spelling – soft g sound

maths – number word matching game – you choose the level and challenge yourself with the speed.

reading – enjoy your book – is it fiction or non-fiction ?  If its non-fiction, can you tell someone at home what is different about non-fiction books?

Remember you can wear a Hallowe’en costume or something orange or black on Friday.

Have a good week

Mrs F and Mrs K

P3F wk beg 20/10/20

Welcome back everyone.

I hope you’ve managed to enjoy the holiday week and , at least, have a well-earned rest.  I am looking forward to term 2.

Please remember, if you can,  a little bit of homework each night is the best way. Games, songs and videos are just as important as written work.  Please let me know if you have any difficulty with Teams or if you need a paper copy of homework.

Homework for this week –

spelling – soft c sound – copy out words using Look , Say, Cover , Write and check, find shoot words for spelling rule words(not tricky words) and 3 good P3 sentences with good openers and connectives.

maths – counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Impress your parents and count in 100s for them to 1000!

reading – please chat about your book eg is it fiction or non-fiction – how can you tell? Please bring your book to school every day and, as usual, I will take them in on Thursdays.

Please remember all Christmas orders must be made online by 25th October.

Have a good week!

Mrs F

P3F wk beg 05/10/20


Good morning. We can’t believe it’s the last week of term 1 already.

We finish up on Friday (Mrs Kane will be in) and return on Tuesday 20th October raring to go for term 2.

Spelling this week is ea says e – eg. head

Maths this week is playing a calendar game. Remember you could still be working your way through the maths bingo activities this week.

Reading – enjoy this week’s book and please bring it to school  with you every day. 

There are 2 quizzes posted on Teams – one is revision of a few things we have been learning in term1.  The other one is for you to let me know how you think you are getting on.  They will only take a few minutes each. I would be interested to know what you think.

Thinking ahead to term 2 – at the moment things will carry on as in term 1 – lots of handwashing, windows open and outdoor P.E. When we come back it is likely to be much colder so please make sure everyone is wearing a sweatshirt/jumper every day and suitable outdoor footwear and coat especially on Thursdays and Fridays when we are on the pitch/field. Thank you.

I look forward to speaking to parents on Tuesday and Wednesday after school.

Mrs Ferguson

P3F wk beg 28/09/20

We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Ready for the last 2 weeks of term 1 already!

This week is maths week. Usually we would do nothing but maths for homework but, under the circumstances, we will continue with spelling and reading too.  In class we will do loads of maths especially on Wednesday which will be a big maths day.

Spelling this week is ph says f.

Maths homework is to find out how adults in your house use maths every day and at work.  There is a maths game practising partitioning – splitting a number into tens and units eg 43 = 40 + 3. There is also a maths bingo sheet that you can work your way through – house points for every row and column completed.

Enjoy your reading book and please use the 3 sharings to discuss it with someone at home. Remember to bring your book back to school on Thursday for comprehension work.

Please let me know if you need help with anything. Have a great week.

Mrs Ferguson

P3F Pupil of the day

Today’s pupil of the day is Theo. Here are his compliments –

I like how honest you are.

You’re a fast runner.

I think you’re very kind.

I like how you play with me outside in the playground.

You’re a good leader.

You’re a good drawer.


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