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Maths Week

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Good afternoon. I am posting this blog earlier than usual to remind you about the sumdog competition.  Please play as often as you can between now and 16th September.  We will play in class too.

Homework this week is all about Maths. Try to do as many of the tasks on the maths bingo sheet as you can.

Maths sheet –  

How Did My Family Use Numeracy and Maths Last Night?

  • The purpose of this task is to become aware of how we use numeracy or mathematics in our daily lives.
  • Please discuss with your child the different ways in which the family use maths skills e.g. telling the time to go to bed or measuring ingredients for a meal etc.
  • Pupils are asked to record some of the ways they or their family used maths e.g. write, draw or make representations.
  • The variety of ways of using maths will be discussed in class throughout the week.
  • Please tweet any photos to:
  • @BishoptonPS  @AttainRen     #MWSREN       @PMCmathematics                Be Creative! Maths is Fun!
  • As posted already we will be doing Maths and munch this week so please bring games which involve counting, matching, shapes, money – anything that we can use our maths for. I’m sure we’ll have a great week. We look forward to seeing parents (one per family please) on Thursday afternoon from 2.00 – 3.00.
  • You could also play our rounding rockets game if you have time.

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Maths and Munch

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Hi, as you know next week is Maths Week Scotland.  We will be taking part in lots of activities and completing many maths themed lessons throughout the week.

We have decided to Maths and Munch as part of Maths Week.  We will be getting together with other classes in the school throughout the week to enjoy some relaxed maths games.  If you have any of the following games at home or any others that you think may be suitable then please bring them in to school for Monday.  Some ideas include – playing cards, Uno, Snakes and Ladders, dice games, Twister, Battleships, Connect Four or any matching numbers games.  Remember to bring a healthy snack too if you wish.

We also hope you can come to our maths themed open afternoon on Thursday afternoon at 2.00pm.

We are excited about Maths Week and will keep you up to date with our activities each day.


P3 teachers

wk beg 03/09/18

Good afternoon everyone.  This week’s homework is – spelling, maths and reading book.  Again all tasks will be given out on Monday to be completed by Friday.  Last week’s homework was completed to a good standard. Well done.

We will work on handwriting and I will keep reminding you in class about joining your letters.

This week we will take our Flat Stanley’s home and send him on his adventures – to a friend/family member here or abroad or to someone famous. Your help with envelopes and postage would be much appreciated. To find out more about the Flat Stanley project

click here

We have enjoyed playing this calendar game in class – calendar game

Remember to ask for help with homework if you need it. Homework should not be difficult, it is your chance to let folk at home see what you have been learning in school. Have a good week.

European Day of Languages

Bonjour                Guten Tag            Hola               Halla                Hej

Our school will be celebrating European Day of Languages on Wednesday 26th September.  Our theme this year is celebrating how useful it is to know a second (or third) language.  We would like to invite any parents/grandparents who speak another language to come and speak to a group (not the whole school) of children to let them see how knowing more than one language has been useful to you.  If your first language is not English, it would be great if you could teach us a few words in that language eg. hello, numbers to 10 or how are you. If you are able to help, please leave a message at the school office for Mrs Ferguson P3F.

Merci                   Danke                   Gracias            Tak                    Tack

week beginning 27/08/18

P3F are settling in well.  They are picking up our routines very quickly and are already taking on helpers jobs in the class.  Well done. This week we will start homework.  It will be given out on a Monday and taken in on a Friday.


Inside the front cover of the homework jotter is a suggestion of how to split up the spelling homework tasks over the week.  Feel free to do tasks on a different night if your child has a club on a particular night.  It is always best to do a little and often instead of doing a lot in one go.


Your child has been given a banded book to read and discuss over the week.  Some children are on a different band from the one they finished on at the end of P2.  This is based on a current running record.  Often children go back a band after the long school holidays.  Running records to assess bands will be done on a regular basis.  Bear in mind, books children bring home should be within their reading ability.  Please continue to use the 3 sharings to discuss the book –

What did you like/dislike about the text?  –  eg.I liked reading about football.

Did you wonder anything about text?  eg. I wonder why the character didn’t run away.

Did you make any connections with text? eg. It reminds me of another story I have read.

Maths – calendars

We have been revising days of the week and months of the year.  We will be looking at calendars and looking at the number patterns in them.

Children are also welcome to use sumdog to keep up their number skills.  Login details are in the front cover of their homework diaries.

Here are some of the games we have been playing in class that you might like to play at home.

silent b games

blast off number games

If I can help at all with homework or anything else please let me know. Here’s to another good week.

Mrs Ferguson

week beginning 20/08/18

What a good start to primary 3. Everyone seems to be settling in well to their new classes.  Homework diaries will be sent home this week.  It would be appreciated if you would initial any entries and cover the diary with whatever you have available. All children should have a class library book to enjoy.

Spelling,maths and reading homework will begin next week.

Homework letters will come out later this week.

Thank you

P3 teachers

Welcome to P3!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Primary 3! It was lovely to see you all this morning.  We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and the beautiful weather.  We have a busy year ahead in Primary 3 and are looking forward to lots of fun and hard work.

There is no homework this week and diaries will be issued next Monday (20th).  A homework letter will also be issued over the next few weeks.

In the meantime please bring in your gym bag and also have a book bag ready to use.

Gym days are as follows –

P3F – Tuesdays and Thursdays

P3M – Tuesdays and Thursdays

P3W – Mondays and Fridays

As always please ask if you are unsure of anything.


Primary 3 teachers

Welcome Back

Good morning everyone.  I look forward to seeing you this morning and welcoming you to primary 3! It’s week 2 for lunches.  This week we’ll be settling in to our new class and catching up with everyone’s news.

P.E. days will be Tuesday and Thursday.

Read and munch will be on Friday.

See you soon

Mrs Ferguson