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P3F wk beg 20/01/20

Homework this week –

Book – please read and discuss

Remember we have started a new First Minister’s Reading Challenge.  Please remember to write about this week’s book and any other books you are reading in your reading passport,

maths – arrays

spelling – k or ck sound

hook, book, duck, peck, bike, lake, open, example, beginning, life

Keep practising your Scottish poem.  Be ready to recite it next week please.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 06/01/20


Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and Santa was good to you.  Here we go with term 3.

Homework this week –

Maths – money sheet

Reading – read and discuss book

Spelling – O sounds – oa, ow, o-e

oat, foal, toast, crow, elbow, home, while, along, might, close

This term we are introducing a new spelling homework task.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday tasks remain the same but on a Wednesday you may choose an activity from the spelling activity grid which is stapled inside the front cover of your homework jotter. Try to do a different one each week.

Just a little reminder about the presentation of your work – I expect you to take your time, use a sharp pencil and a rubber.  By now everyone knows the presentation I expect eg. using all the space in your jotter, tails on letters, trying to include joins.

We will start to learn our Scottish poems for the Burns assembly.

On Tuesday you will receive a copy of 3 Scottish poems. Please choose one to learn for the end of the month.  If there is another Scottish poem you would like to learn, please just let me know.

I will see you on Tuesday and Miss Hunter will see you tomorrow.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 16/12/19

No homework this week as we are busy with Christmas activities.

Arrangements for this week –

Monday morning wear uniform to school.

Bring cowboy-ish clothes to school in a bag.

Tuesday morning come to school dressed in cowboy-ish clothes.

Bring party clothes, if you wish, for our party in the afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning at our Infant Assembly.

On Friday children may bring a game or a toy (nothing electronic please).

Please remember school finishes at 2.30 on Friday 20th December.

Have a lovely holiday.   See you next year!

Mrs F

Nativity Outfits

We are very excited that our Nativity performances are next week and we cannot wait to hear the Primary 2 and Primary 3 choirs.

We are aware that there has been previous communications asking some classes to wear shirt and ties, and some classes to wear cowboy-ish clothes. We had originally thought it would be lovely to have the children in shirts and ties as they always look so smart. However, as our Nativity is called ‘Prickly Hay’ we thought it would be fun to have the children dress up in cowboy-ish clothes.

Therefore, this post is to clarify what we would kindly ask all Primary 2 and Primary 3 children to wear for their Nativity Performance next week, and also to apologise for any confusion.

All Primary 2 and Primary 3 children should aim to wear jeans/denim skirt or trousers and a checked/denim shirt. If you don’t have a denim or checked shirt, can we please ask that your child wears a plain t-shirt. We are not expecting anyone to buy anything new. Some children have asked if they can wear cowboy hats, and this is allowed if they wish, or if they already have one.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

We look forward to seeing you at our performances next week!

Primary 1, 2 and 3 Teachers

Infant Nativity – dress rehearsal Monday 16th December and performance Tuesday 17th December

As our infant nativity is about a stable hoedown, could we ask all  P3F children to wear cowboy-ish clothes eg. jeans/denim skirt and checked/casual shirt. Please don’t buy anything new.  Anything similar will do.  Cowboy hats may be worn.  Please bring these clothes into school in  bag on Monday 16th December for the dress rehearsal, then take them home and come to school wearing them on Tuesday 17th December.

P3F children may also bring party clothes on Tuesday 17th December which they can change into at lunchtime if they wish.

Thank you

P3F wk beg 09/12/19

Homework for this week –

book – read and discuss

maths – Topmarks – Christmas maths.

spelling – ie sound – tie, pie, die, cried, tried, magpie, saw, left, don’t, few.

Thursday 12th December is Christmas lunch day and you should have ordered already.

Friday 13th December is Christmas jumper day and we ask that you bring a donation for Save the Children please.

We will visit the library tomorrow so please bring back  your books.  Thank you to those who activated their parent pay accounts to allow us to go.

You should have received your child’s pupil profile by email over the weekend.  I hope you enjoy chatting with your child about it and they can tell you more about their learning experiences.  If you didn’t get an email, I will send home a paper copy on Monday.

Mrs F


P3F Parent Pay – library visit

In order to continue with our visits to the library, we need everyone to activate their parent pay account as this automatically gives permission for our trip although there is no cost involved.

You will get a confirmation email once it is activated.  We will be unable to go to the library on Monday 9th December unless all parents have done this.

Many thanks

Mrs F