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P3F Monday 18th January – spelling and reading

Good morning everyone.  We hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Week 2 – here we go!

Please remember to look at the Scottish poetry links and choose a poem to start learning.  Try your best to be ready by Thursday 28th January.

Scottish poems

Remember there is a new sumdog competition that started on Friday.  If you can, have a go please.

spelling – long vowel o sound

Watch the video explaining the spelling rule then copy your group’s words from Teams.

You could play the spelling games.

Reading – choose a book for this week.  See the links in Teams please.

Mrs Kane is on Teams today and will post some other assignments for you and she will be on the Teams meeting at 2pm. Join her if you can.

Have a good day

Mrs Kane and Mrs Ferguson

P3F Friday 15th January

P3F Assignment Friday 15th January

 Do your best with today’s tasks.  Ask for help if you need it please.

Links should be live today. Hope to see you all at 11.30 in the Teams meet if you can manage.

Please let me know on Teams or by email if anything doesn’t work.  You can also send me any work on Teams or by email.


Spelling – Test your spelling for this week. You choose – ask an adult to test you,


or do the long vowel i wordsearch

Reading  – Choose a task from the Reading Activity Choice Board – either Reading Response Tasks – Fiction or Reading Response Tasks – Non-Fiction  . Use the book you chose for this week or , if you forgot to choose one, write about a book you’ve read in class.

Mental maths – Big Maths Clic

Maths – Funky Mummy – you choose which game

Health and Wellbeing – choose an active task for today or it might be something relaxing and mindful. Check out new ideas on NETFLEX Home Workouts PP

Scotland topic  – Check out this website about Scotland and find the answers to the Scotland Quiz




P3F Thursday 14th January

Good morning everyone.  I hope your week is going OK.  It is so great to see you all logging on and trying your best with our daily tasks. Well done!

As we continue to have Teams assignment problems , I will do the same as yesterday and post here and in Teams.

spelling – syllables – chat to someone at home about how many syllables are in each of your spelling words eg. my – 1, try – 1 Remember to use our trick of putting your hand under your chin to help count.  I will put a post in Teams for you to record your answers.

reading – keep reading your book

grammar – compound words – see video

compound word video and quiz

mental maths – number of the day – Our number of the day is 57. Use the number sheet to write down all the things you know about it.  You could put the sheet in a polypocket and write on top so we can use it again or if you’re very fancy you might have a laminator! We have used this in class before.

maths – add and subtract 10 game – remember only the tens digit will change – watch out for the sign – + or – ?

add and subtract 10 game

Health and Wellbeing – choose something active to do

  • medicines topic – What is a medicine ? – watch our video and discuss what you know about medicines.

Topic – Scottish poetry – as always in January, we will all learn a Scottish poem for the Burns Assembly.  Check out the links and choose a poem to start learning.  Be ready to recite it either on video or if you want at a Teams meet by Thursday January 28th.

J. K. Annand

more Scottish poems

P3F Wed 13th January

Good morning everyone.

As there are still difficulties with Teams assignments , here are today’s tasks and links (there are more details in the Teams post) –

spelling – identify nouns, adjectives and verbs from your spelling rule words

reading – keep reading your book and share using the 3 sharings

writing – write a recount of your Christmas holidays

maths – mental maths – daily 10   – level 2 – addition – 2 digit number

maths – watch the video about adding and subtracting 10,11 and 12

Health and Wellbeing – choose something active to do today

  • PATHS lesson

Music – every year P3 get lessons in music from NYCoS – the National Youth Choir of Scotland.  Watch the video and try the singing games.


Reading Books online

Have a look at the list of websites that have free books to read or listen to.
Accelerated Reading –  Choose a book from the library, then complete the quiz.
Oxford Owls – Please ask your parents to sign-up for free then choose a book at your level:
Schloastic Magazines, Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Choose either Grades 1-2 or 3-4 or have a nosey around!
Audible – Listen to a variety of stories.
Renfrewshire Libraries – If you have a membership with the library, you can go online and  ‘borrow’ e-books and audio books
Books Trust – This website only recommends books suitable for your reading age and interests but that might help you find what you are looking for or recommend little gems!
First News Weekly – First News is a weekly newspaper aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds.  We report the news in an age-appropriate and non-scary way that gets children engaged.
Lots of Kindle books are free if you have Amazon Prime.

P3. What will our week look like?

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” —B.B. King

Welcome to a New Year! We hope you’ve managed to enjoy your Christmas and New Year holidays. Unfortunately, we’re not able to welcome you back the way we wanted to but we look forward to working with you online.


Here is a little rundown of how we would like our home learning to go:

  • There will be three main posts every day:
  • Every day you should say ‘hello/good morning’ in the Check-in post before starting any work. This will let us keep a register.
  • We will also have a Daily Task post where you will find the tasks for that day. There will be links there to take you to each assignment.
  • We will have a Pupil of the Day post where you can leave a compliment for your friend.
  • You may have a Team meeting. Your teacher will let you know when this is each week.  If you can please join the meeting to say hello and give us your news. It will be lovely to hear from you. If you can’t join us, please don’t worry.
  • Assignments– Please upload your work to the assignments tab so we can give you feedback.  We will set the closing date for assignments for one month and you can still hand them in after this date.
  • Daily Tasks– Every day you will have Literacy (spelling and at least one other task), Numeracy and Maths (mental and one main task), Health and Wellbeing (Pupil of the Day, daily fitness and another task) and one other curricular area .e.g. art, music, topic.
  • Sometimes additional tasks may be posted that are not assignments. You can simply respond to these with a comment or by uploading a photo when you reply to the post.
  • Please keep the General Channel tidy and only reply to the posts so there are not comments all over the place.   Please only chat with your friends and use emojis and GIFs in the Chill-Out Zone. Do not share your gamer username on Teams.
  • We know that every home has different arrangements about when and how you do work, so please do not worry if you can’t get everything or even anything done. You can only do what you can and please email us if you have any questions or worries. Could parents please use their personal email account and not their child’s glow account for this.

 The most important thing is to stay safe and happy.  If you or your grown ups are finding it difficult to balance online learning with life at home, take a break from it and come back when you can. Just do what you do in school – try your best and ask for help if you need it.

Click on the ‘Thumbs-Up’ to see what we’ll be doing each week.



From all the P3 Class Teachers

P3F – Dates for your diary

Good morning everyone.

Happy New Year to you all.

There will be lots of information coming on Monday both on the blog and on Teams as well as online lessons but I just popped on to let you know that Mrs Kane and I will be live on Teams and would love it if you were able to join us.

Mrs Kane – every Monday – from 2.00 – 2.30

Mrs Ferguson – every Friday – from 11.30 – 12.00.

It would be great if you could join us to chat and see and hear your classmates ( but if you are not able to, don’t worry). Mostly this time will be for a check-in.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and look after yourself and your family.

Mrs Kane and Mrs Ferguson

P3F wk beg 14/12/20

Good morning

No homework this week.  If you haven’t already had time to complete the term 2 quiz or self evaluation, it would be great if you could do that this week.  They are both on Teams. Mrs Kane will be in on Monday this week.

What’s on this week 

Monday 14th Dec – Online panto in class.

Wednesday 16th Dec – P3F Christmas video will be posted in Teams.

Friday 18th Dec – early finish – 2.30

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.  Boys and girls – thank you for all your work so far this year and for your patience with all the restrictions in school.  Parents – thank you for adapting to Teams homework and for all the support you give your child with their learning.  I appreciate that everyone is having a tough time in the current situation. In true Bishopton style, everyone has risen to the challenge.


See you in 2021 – 8.45 on Wednesday 6th January.

Mrs F xx

P3F wk beg 07/12/20

Good morning.

This will be the last week of homework this year.

spelling – ee and ea words

maths – 2 x table

reading – enjoy this week’s book

What’s on this week  –

Thursday 10th December – Christmas lunch

If you haven’t already ordered a Christmas lunch, please remember to bring a packed lunch.

Friday 11th December – Christmas Jumper Day

Please wear a Christmas jumper/t-shirt or something Christmassy like tinsel or a hairband on Friday. Any donations to Save the Children can be made through your Parent Pay account. Thanking you in advance.

Mrs Kane will be in on Monday and Friday this week.

Have a good week.

Mrs F