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P3A and P3M w/b 16.12.19

Hi everyone,

There is no homework this week.  Please remember to bring your clothes for the nativity in a bag for the dress rehearsal on Wednesday.  You will wear them home that day and then please come to school dressed in them for the nativity on Thursday.

Our Christmas party will also be on Thursday.  If you wish you may bring in party clothes to change into at lunch.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean

P3A and P3M Nativity and Christmas Party information

Hi everyone,  we would be grateful if you could please bring your nativity clothes (see letter and previous blog) into school in a bag on Wednesday 18th December for our dress rehearsal, then take them home and come to school wearing them on Thursday 19th December.

P3A and P3M  children may also bring party clothes on Thursday 19th December which they can change into at lunchtime if they wish.

Thank you

Nativity Outfits

We are very excited that our Nativity performances are next week and we cannot wait to hear the Primary 2 and Primary 3 choirs.

We are aware that there has been previous communications asking some classes to wear shirt and ties, and some classes to wear cowboy-ish clothes. We had originally thought it would be lovely to have the children in shirts and ties as they always look so smart. However, as our Nativity is called ‘Prickly Hay’ we thought it would be fun to have the children dress up in cowboy-ish clothes.

Therefore, this post is to clarify what we would kindly ask all Primary 2 and Primary 3 children to wear for their Nativity Performance next week, and also to apologise for any confusion.

All Primary 2 and Primary 3 children should aim to wear jeans/denim skirt or trousers and a checked/denim shirt. If you don’t have a denim or checked shirt, can we please ask that your child wears a plain t-shirt. We are not expecting anyone to buy anything new. Some children have asked if they can wear cowboy hats, and this is allowed if they wish, or if they already have one.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

We look forward to seeing you at our performances next week!

Primary 1, 2 and 3 Teachers

P3A and P3M w/b 9/12/19

Hi there, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss text at home.

Spelling –  Our spelling rule is ie/y.  Here is a list of our words this week.











Maths –

Christmas Maths

This Thursday is our Christmas lunch.  Orders have already been placed.

Friday is Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day.  Please feel  free to wear your Christmas jumpers etc for a suggested donation of £1.


Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean


P3M and P3A w/b 03/12/19

Hi everyone, we hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text at home.

Spelling – Our rule this week is ee/ea

Here are our words –











Maths – We have been learning about information handling in class.  Please complete the activity issued in class.  When you have completed the graph using the information from the tables please discuss the results at home. Here are some questions to guide you.

  • In the Hair Colour graph which colour did most children have?
  • How many children had blonde hair?
  • Which was the most popular drink in the Favourite Drink graph?
  • How many more children like cola that lemon?
  • Which was the favourite colour in the Favourite colour graph?
  • Which was the least favourite?

As always please ask if unsure of anything.

Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean.


P3A and P3M W/b 25.11.19

Hi everyone, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text at home.

Spelling – Our spelling rule this week is ay/ai/a_e


Maths – Please complete the ordinal numbers activity provided in class.

This Friday is our annual house art day.  Please wear Christmas clothing/house colours if you wish,

Please ask as always if unsure.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean