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P3A At Home Learning

Good Morning

This week starts a new and exciting journey for learning. In class we practised logging in to GLOW. We looked at where tasks will be set and how we can keep in touch with Microsoft Teams. You all did well so I’m sure we can keep in touch this way.

You know we like to use technology to help us learn, you also know that we can sometimes experience wee technical problems. Please don’t worry if this happens. Remember you can also look at the school blog  to see what our learning is for the day.

If you were in school on Thursday, you were given a yellow jotter. This can be used to record any of the learning tasks which you are unable to complete online.

I will continue to try to make learning fun and easy to access by including games, activities, Sumdog (who very kindly have extended access to language tasks too,)  etc.

Remember too that Lego, K-Nex, card games, board games, jigsaws, playdough etc, as well as being GREAT FUN are all tools for learning and really can help with our co-ordination, concentration & perseverance skills. So go on …….look out some of those toy which are gathering dust in a cupboard and PLAY!

Each morning I will post new tasks. I don’t expect everyone to ‘check-in’ at 9 O’clock on the dot but would like you all to ‘check-in’ with me at some point during school hours. Just say ‘hello’ on chat. You can also let me know, through chat, if there is anything you are not sure of. I will do my best to help.

If you can’t get in touch with me through ‘MS Teams’ then send me an e-mail/message through GLOW, that’d be fine too.

From time to time, other teachers will be checking in with you too so make sure you say ’Hi’ back.

I am look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Mclean

P3 Daily Tasks – 20.03.20

Hi everyone,

The tasks for P3 are on your team page.  These tasks are to be completed by those who are not in school today.

From Monday, all assignments for children working from home will be posted on their class team page. Over the weekend go onto the team page and familiarise yourself with it. Children in school will have spent time this week looking at how it works.

Have a nice day,

Mr Wormald

P3 Daily Tasks – 19.03.20

Hi everyone,

Your tasks for today have been published on your class team page.

Please log onto teams using your glow username and address. Any issues with that then remember you can contact myself at and I can help out.

Maths:  Column Addition

  • Extension: Coconut Multiples: Choose a times table you want to practice and have a go.

Literacy: Imaginative writing – Davey the Pirate

  • Children who were issued the task yesterday via email will have the submission time extended to match today’s assignment.

HWBPE – Fitness

  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Go outside into your back garden or street and run/cycle/scooter/play football for 40 minutes.

Enjoy the nice sunny day.

Mr Wormald

Big Pedal 2020

Good news !  The Big Pedal cycling, scooting and walking challenge is back.  From Wednesday 22nd April to Tuesday 5th May we would like you to bring your bike or scooter to school every day. You will get the chance to bike or scoot with your classmates and your teacher. If you can’t bring a bike or scooter, you can walk and that will count too.  For more information have a look at the Big Pedal website.

This is a national competition to see how many journeys we can make biking, scooting or walking. Please ask an adult to check that your bike or scooter is in good working order. You may bring a lock to use but you must be responsible for the key.

Rules – all cyclists MUST wear a helmet

– no cycling or scooting in the playground ( or the ashy path) unless you are with your teacher (on the way in/out, playtime and lunchtime)

We have taken part in this challenge for the last few years and it is always good fun.  We are usually in the top 10. Let’s try for top 3 this year!

Happy cycling/scooting/walking

Mrs Ferguson


P3A and P3M w/b 09.03.20

Hi everyone, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss your text at home.

Spelling – ear











Maths – Please complete the multiplication emojis tasks and week 1 Learn Its.

We will be holding a Dinosaur themed open afternoon on Wednesday 1st April from 2-3pm and we would like to invite 1 adult per child to attend if they can.  We are working hard to plan and prepare the afternoon and look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Please ask if unsure as always.

Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean

P3A and P3M w/b 2.03.20

Hi everyone,

Here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss your book at home.

Spelling – ey










Maths – Please continue to work on the learn its and use your ‘monster’ to learn the tables.

Please ask if you are unsure.

Mrs McLean and Mrs McKay


P3A and P3M w/b 24.02.20

Hi everyone, here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text at home.

Spelling – al/or/au/aw












Maths – Please complete the Learn Its/2 times table activity issued in class.

We are planning a visit to the library next Monday 2nd March.  We are looking for a few helpers to accompany us.  Please complete and return the slip issued in class today if you are able to help out.  Also, if you have not already done so, please log onto your ParentPay account to give permission for your child to attend our library visit.  We must have this permission in order to take the children.

As always please ask if you have any questions.

Mrs McKay and Mrs McLean