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May 13th – Daily Tasks


Writing – Sun Safety Leaflet

  • You can look through the brief PowerPoint on the key features of a leaflet.
  • Complete the writing task sheet.

PowerPoint: Posters & Leaflets – Powerpoint

Task sheet: 12.05.20 – Sun Safety Leaflet


Carroll Diagram – Sorting numbers 1-30

  • Sort the numbers 1-30 thinking carefully about the four criteria.
  • Write the numbers in the correct box.


  • You can cut and stick the numbers to help you organise them better.

Task sheet: Carroll Diagram – Numbers to 30


Renfrewshire Leisure Online Olympics

This week is the beginning of the Renfrewshire Leisure Online Olympics. Each week we will be challenged to record a best result and send in our results to compete against other schools. At the end of the event we will find out which school is the winner!

Our first challenge is set by our Active School Coordinators this week.

It is the Star jump Challenge:

  • Record how many star jumps you can complete in 30 seconds.
  • The record stands at 36 star jumps in 30 seconds.
  • Remember, our results will be compared against other schools and we have a chance to win the first ever Renfrewshire Leisure Online Olympics!
  • You can only upload your best score before the 17th May so lets get practising!


IDL – Music

Today we are going to look at rhythm using body percussion.

  • Read through the lesson and watch the videos.
  • At the end you can play the game and choose your own music to make a rhythm to using body percussion.

Monday 11th May – Daily Tasks


Spelling – Words spelled ‘ei’ that sound /ai/

  • Complete the spelling task worksheet.
  • Use the Look, Cover, Write, Check strategy for each word.
  • Remember to write the syllables for each word.

Spelling list: May 11th Spelling


Number and Place Value – Karate Cats

  • Please spend some time (at least 20-30 minutes) playing on Karate Cats.
  • Warning: Gold level is challenging. Begin at Bronze or Silver and build up to Gold.

Optional: Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers and tens

This task does not need to be returned. Answer can be found on the webpage.


Please take part in PE with Joe for some fitness exercises.

IDL – Science – Bean plant life cycle

Look through the PowerPoint about the life cycle of a bean plant.

The video for the PowerPoint can be found here.

  • Please complete the life cycle worksheet.
  • Cut & stick or draw pictures using the images to support you.
  • Add a description for each stage of the cycle. It can be brief using these key statements: bean germinates, root and stem appear, flowering for pollination, pod of beans form.

PowerPoint: Bean Life Cycle – PowerPoint

Task sheet: Bean plant – Growth cycle

Tuesday 5th May – Daily Tasks


Please play on Sumdog spelling.

  • Play spelling games practicing your spelling words.

You can also practice some common words by playing these games.

  • Little Bird Spelling – Please choose Year 2, then any colour you like.
  • Wordsearch – These are great for making you think about how a word is spelled.

OPTIONAL: Sumdog Spelling Quiz

  • If you want to try, then have a go at the spelling quiz.


Maths – Place Value

Practice by playing these place value games.

Complete the attached worksheet.

Worksheet: 04.05.20 – Place Value



Like yesterday I would like you to make your own choice of PE exercise. Maybe you want to play another round of Sock Golf with your family. Perhaps you are loving PE with Joe and haven’t missed a day. Or you fancy just going outside for a cycle for your daily exercise outside your house.



Farming Topic – Grain Farm

  • Visit this website and watch the videos about a grain farm. You can see how they prepare the land, gather crops, and what technology they use.
  • Please complete the crossword. All the questions come from the 360 grain farm tour.

Task sheet: Grain Farm – Crossword

27th April – Daily Tasks

I hope you had an awesome weekend. The warm weather made it extra special.


Spelling – Words that end -sion with a /shun/ sound.

Task sheet: 27th April Spelling

  • Use the Look, Cover, Write, Check method and remember to check your spelling words to see that they are correct.
  • Write the number of syllables for each word.
  • Write three full sentences. Remember to use all your VCOP skills. We have learnt a good variety of vocabulary, openers, connectives, and punctuation this year.
  • Write the dictionary definition of five spelling words.


Bar Charts

Task sheet: Bar Chart – Melbourne Cup Horse Race

  • Complete the bar chart worksheet for submission.
  • Remember to:
    1. Read the question carefully.
    2. Identify what the question is asking
    3. Find the answer making sure you read the scale carefully.

Daily 10

  • Please complete:
    1. Level 3 – Partitioning up to 999
    2. Level 3 – Digit Values up to 999


Kick start your day with PE with Joe.


We are starting our new topic for Term 4 and it is about farming!!

I want to know what you know about farming and what you want to know about farming.

Complete the table and return it to me so I can create your topic.

Task sheet: KWL – Farming Topic

20th April – Daily Tasks

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday, the weather has been fantastic which has made a great change.



Our spelling rule this week are words that end in -tion with the /shun/ sound.

  • Copy your words using the look, cover, write and check strategy.
  • Write the number of syllables next to each work and write three sentences using your spelling words.

Task sheet: 20th April Spelling


Maths – Telling the time (O’clock and half past)

This week we are returning to revise time. Today’s task will be focusing on o’clock and half past.

Have a go at this time game.

  • Please scroll down on the webpage and click on the bear to begin the game.
  • I would like you to choose option 2. Read time to the hour and half hour.
  • You can challenge yourself by choosing the timed option and changing between a 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock.


French – Days of the week

Practice your days of the week in French. Enjoy singing along to this song by Alain le Lait

If you want an additional challenge then you can complete the attached worksheet.

Worksheet: French Days of the Week – Yesterday and Tomorrow



Take part in PE with Joe you can find his video here.


Dinosaur Day – 01.04.20

Dinosaur Day

Today is our dinosaur day! All of the learning is themed around our dinosaur topic. We have a variety of games and tasks for you to enjoy. If you have any other dinosaur activities at home then feel free to play with them and send me the pictures. Finally, if you have any questions then just ask. Enjoy today and have fun.

Go Noodle – Dinosaur Stomp

  • Still take part in your PE with Joe session.
  • Have wun with some dinosaur exercise.

Dinosaur – Puzzle Games

  • Spend time just having fun playing through the games.

Maths – Greater Than & Less Than

  • Compare the numbers and think if the first number is greater than, less than, or equal to.

Dinosaur – Maths – Greater Than & Less Than

Dinosaur Egg – Comprehension

  • Read through the passage carefully and read each question carefully making sure you answer every part of the question.

Dinosaur Egg – Comprehension

NHM – What Dinosaur Are you?

  • Go and find out what Dinosaur you are. I found out that I am a Troodon!
  • Afterwards, find out more about your dinosaur at the NHM – Dinosaur Directory

31st March – Daily Tasks


Literacy – Character Profile

  • Watch the video ‘Broken
  • You can watch this as many times as you need.
  • Choose one of the characters – Rock, Paper or Scissors – and write a character profile for that character using adjectives.
  • Use the headings appearance, personality and feelings.
  • Try to write three sentences under each heading.

Writing Task: 31.03.20 – Character profile


Maths – How long does it take to….. challenge..

Record how long you take to complete each challenge.

Resources: Stopwatch/Timer (most phones or tablets have a timer app)

  • brush your teeth.
  • to read a book.
  • make your bed.
  • eat lunch.
  • make a sandwich
  • complete 30 star jumps.
  • put your shoes on and tie the laces (no cheating! untie your laces first!)
  • count in 5’s from 0-50 and back.



PE with Joe. This is an excellent opportunity to warm your body and brain up to your learning for the day.


IDL – Dinosaur presentation & habitat task

Quite a few people have not returned their dinosaur presentation. This is now being extended and is to be completed for Wednesday.

If you have finished your presentation then enjoy the extra time to chill out.

30th March – Daily Tasks


Our spelling rule this week is ‘ear’ with the /air/ sound. Copy your words using look, cover, write and check. Write the number of syllables next to each word and write 3 sentences using your spelling words.

Task sheet: 30th March Spelling



Do a 5x table Daily 10 or Hit the Button as a starter.

Main task – Easter joke number sequences. Find the missing number in each sequence to answer the joke. The answer sheet is attached so you can check it when you are finished. Do not look at the answers before you have completed the task!

Task sheet: NI2-M-4-Easter-Joke-Sequences-Code-Breaker-Activity-Sheet


PE with Joe. Give yourself a good workout as it is an excellent way to make your brain work better and faster.



Go to the NYCOS website and have a go at the first song from their daily activity – ‘Senua de Dende’



P3C & P3W Home Learning

Good morning, and what a great weekend for weather!

Today is the beginning of a new learning environment for all of us. In class last week we took time to log on to Glow to access Microsoft Teams and to check our login details for Sumdog and Manga High. If you are missing those details then please contact either Miss Cameron or Mr Wormald via Teams by messaging me directly. If you have difficulty logging into Microsoft Teams then also please contact one of us via our email address.

Every day a set of tasks will be issued on Microsoft Teams as well as a post for registration. We do not expect you to be online immediately at 9am but replying to the post will let us know you have been online to check for the tasks.

If you have any questions about the tasks or would like help then please post in the General channel on your class team page. If you want to talk to your classmates then use the Chill Out Zone where you can see how everyone is getting on.

For most tasks we will ask you to submit work via the daily assignment so that we can see how your are getting on and return feedback. However, some tasks we will let you work on your own and show/discuss with someone at home. Some tasks we may ask you to use your home learning jotter. Children who were in school last week were issued a home learning jotter. If you do not have one then paper or anything else creative will certainly do.

Most importantly this is new to you, and this is definitely new to us! It isn’t very often the school is closed. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time together to carry on your learning. Just login say hello and have a go. If you can’t get onto your class team page that day then do something creative, or something active that day and you will have achieved a task.

We will speak to you soon.

Mr Wormald and Miss Cameron