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P3M – Daily Tasks – 24.06.20

Morning everyone! Here are today’s tasks –
PE – PE with Joe or another physical activity of your choice.
Literacy – Writing – For today’s writing I would like you to write a recount of primary 3.  What do you remember? What topics did you enjoy? Why? Did you enjoy STEM week or Maths Week Scotland? Perhaps you enjoy learning how to use technology or use coding programs? Do you remember santa coming into our class? How did you feel that day? Or perhaps you may also want to write something about your time learning at home. Remember, as with all writing genres, to write in proper sentences, use VCOP to help, do your best writing – joining if you can and use your knowledge of spelling and grammar as you write.
Numeracy – Sumdog competition
HWB – The RNLI have created some great resources and lessons to promote water safety during this time. Have a look using the link below and watch some of water expert Liam’s videos if you can.
Have a lovely day!
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 23.06.20

Good morning P3M! Here are today’s tasks.
PE – Why not try some Go Noodle or Cosmic Yoga today? From today, Joe will no longer be doing PE with Joe every day.
Literacy – Spelling – continue to learn the ‘le’ rule for this week. Reading – Have a look at the summer reading bingo. Perhaps you could work on this over the holidays.
Numeracy  – Check out the summer booklet attached. This may be something to work on over the next few weeks.
HWB – Get Stuck In presentation – this resource from Aldi contains an activity bank of 21 short healthy eating activities. It may be something you wish to use over the next few months.  The activities offer fun ways to enthuse children about healthy eating, exercise and other healthy habits, while developing higher-order thinking skills. Activities are rated bronze, silver and gold for complexity, to help you choose those most suitable for your children. Where appropriate, ideas to simplify more complex activities for younger children (or extend simpler tasks) are included in the notes.

The activity bank is designed to be flexible, with each idea lasting approximately 10 minutes to fit in as short starters/cool downs or filler activities throughout the day. It is suggested that activities are used on a regular basis, completing 2–3 activities per week to build healthy habits through regular discussions and activities.


Enjoy your day, not long to go now.

Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 19.06.20

Good morning everyone! Yet another week is almost over.  Here are Friday’s tasks –
PE – PE with Joe or why not have a go at the Renfrewshire Olympics Challenge if you have not already done so.
Literacy – Spelling Quiz for the week. Remember to keep revising your common words too.
Numeracy – There is a new Sumdog competition starting today. Try to play today if you can.
Topic – This week marks the annual Royal Highland Show which this year is an online event. Check out their 8 different learning zones. You can ask a farmer a question, discover more about farming, learn how to look after our countryside, find out about the science involved in farming and take part in many more fun online activities.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 16.06.20

Morning everyone, here are your tasks for the day ahead.
PE – PE with Joe or why not try this week’s Renfrewshire Olympic Challenge.
Literacy – Can you correct the errors in the passage? Choose either the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star passage to rewrite correctly. Be very careful, there are spelling and grammar errors. Remember to read over what you have written to check it makes sense.
Numeracy – Time – Revision so far. Complete the reading clocks activity. Can you write the time in words and in digital format? Then head over to Topmarks to play some time games. If you are confident with quarter to and quarter past and are working to tell time to 5 minute intervals then why not try the time challenge cards. They are tricky and will really get you thinking – enjoy!
Technology – ICT – Using PowerPoint – As you go into primary 4 and move up the school and into high school, you will be asked to create presentations for a variety of reasons or topics.  One really useful way of creating a presentation is to use Microsoft PowerPoint. We often use these in school to learn about new concepts and some of you have been creating wonderful PowerPoints over the last few months. Some of us may be unsure how to use the program and that is what we are going to learn today.  Read through ‘How to use PowerPoint’. If you have access to PowerPoint at home, have a go at creating a few slides and try out some of the different features/tools. Feel free to create a PowerPoint on a subject of your choice if you wish. If you do not have access PowerPoint then simply read through the how to use guide. You will be able to try out PowerPoint when you return to school.
Have a good day!
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 15.06.20

Good morning everyone. Here are your tasks for the day ahead.
PE – PE with Joe or why not try some Cosmic Yoga or Go Noodle?
Literacy – Our spelling rule for this week is ‘ore’ as in more.  It is up to you how you choose to learn your words throughout the week. Ask someone to quiz you on Friday and submit your assignment on Teams if you can. Remember to keep reading and completing Bloom’s tasks too.
Numeracy – Time – Quarter to – Last week we learned about quarter past. This week we are going to learn about quarter to. Quarter to is when it is 45 mins past an hour. We don’t say this though, we say quarter to the next hour. E.g. 45 minutes past 4 is said to be quarter to 5. Watch the teaching video and then complete the attached task.
Topic – Food Chains – Today we are going to learn about food chains. All living things need food to give them the energy to grow and move.  A food chain shows how each living thing gets its food and how they depend on each other for this. Check out BBC Bitesize Food Chains parts 1 and 2 to learn more about them. Then try and create some food chains of your own in the Woodland Food Chain Challenge. There are loads to find!
Have a good day everyone! Remember to take breaks and get out for some fresh air if you can.
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 12.06.20

Morning P3M!  Here are your tasks for today –
PE – PE with Joe or the Renfrewshire Olympics Challenge.
Literacy – Ask someone to quiz you on your spelling words for the week. When you have finished submit the weekly spelling assignment on Teams and upload your quiz if you can. Remember to add any roots/shoots if you can.  Then complete today’s handwriting task. This revises a few joins that we have already learned. Take your time and do the very best job you can.
Numeracy – A mixed bag of mental maths questions today which mainly focus on recent learning.
Fun PATHS activities – Check out the fun activities attached.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 11.06.20

Good morning P3M! I hope you are all well today.  Here are Thursday’s tasks.
PE – PE with Joe or try to improve your Renfrewshire Olympics score for the week.
Literacy – Comprehension – See attached Beano comprehension
Numeracy – Time – Let’s start with some counting today. Count on and back to 60 in 1’s and 5’s. Now try to recall these important facts – 1 hours = 60 mins, 1/2 an hour = 30 mins.  We are going to learn about quarter past today.  A quarter of an hour is 15 mins. Watch the video on learning to tell the time to quarter past. Now complete the attached quarter past worksheet. If you feel you already know how to read quarter past on an analogue clock then try the word problems instead.
Music – NYCOS  – Have a go at some of the recently posted daily activities. You may wish to also have a look at ‘The Wee Summer Sing’ that NYCOS are holding throughout June.
Enjoy your day!
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 10.06.20

Good morning. Hard to believe it is Wednesday again already. Here are today’s tasks.
PE – PE with Joe or why not try the Renfrewshire Olympics challenge for this week?
Literacy – Writing – Imaginative. See the Tiny Dragon activity attached.
Numeracy – Time – We are going to be working on time over the next few weeks. Let’s start today by thinking about why time is important in our lives. Have a chat about this with someone at home. We are going to do a bit of revision today. Watch the telling the time video. Then complete the o’clock and half past revision activity by writing the time shown on the clock in words.
HWB – PATHS – End of Year Review – See attached
Enjoy your day,
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 09.06.20

Morning, here are your tasks for the day ahead.
PE – PE with Joe or another physical activity of your choice.
Literacy – Today for our grammar lesson we are going to learn more about using the past tense. All verbs have a tense – past, present or future. Past tense tells us about a past activity or state of being about something that has already happened.  E.g – I jumped in the puddle. I was happy. Watch the BBC Bitesize video and then complete the Matching Tenses activity.
Numeracy –  Can you solve the number sequencing problems? Try the extension questions if you would like a challenge.
Topic – Dairy Farming – Read through the PowerPoint to learn about Dairy Farming in Scotland. Watch the video about the journey of milk to learn more about this process. Finally, you may wish to print, cut and order the dairy sequencing cards or discuss the process with someone at home.
Enjoy your day. Remember to do what you can, when you can,
Mrs McKay

P3M – Daily Tasks – 08.06.20

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here are today’s tasks.
PE – PE with Joe
Literacy –  Our spelling rule this week is ie to make an ee sound. I have attached your spelling list.  It is up to you to choose how to learn and revise your words each week.  On Friday ask someone at home to quiz you on your words for the week. Remember to add in any root or shoot words if you can. You can upload your quiz and submit the spelling assignment for the week on Friday.
Numeracy – Can you help Tom solve these capacity problems? Try to find as many different ways as you can to fill the buckets each time.
Science – Science experiments are so important for making new discoveries and learning new things about the world around us. A science experiment tests out something we think might happen to see what actually happens. Check out the cool science experiments attached below.  Try some out if you can or save them for another time.    The science is explained in each and Joe the scientist demonstrates some of the experiments in a video. Remember you must have adult permission/supervision before conducting an experiment. Have fun! Feel free to post any experiments that you carry on our main channel on Teams.
Have a great day!
Mrs McKay