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P3M Reports Issued 02.04.20

Hi everyone,

Reports have now been issued to your child Glow accounts. They may be a bit slow in getting through.  Please let me know if you haven’t received your report by Friday 3rd April.

Happy Holidays everyone! Take some time away from the screen for a while to relax and get some fresh air in the garden. Thank you all for your hard work over the past few weeks.  I am very proud of you!

I’ll see you all back online on Monday 20th April.

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 02.04.20

Good morning everyone! Here are today’s task.

As it is the last day before the holidays, today’s assignments have an Easter theme.  Have fun working on these tasks.

Start by watching the Easter story –

Then head over to –

To play some Easter games. Many of these are numeracy based.

Finally please take part in our Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt if you can.

Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt

Other activities to do throughout the day include –

Spelling –

Ask someone at home to quiz you on your spelling words this week. If you are in the group that ended up with a double list due to my error (sorry again!) then ask the person who is quizzing you to choose 10 words.  Discuss at home how you got on. You do not have to send your results to me this week.

Numeracy and Mathematics –

Choose another 2 or 3 activities from our P3 Home Learning Wall.

Here is today’s link to Joe to get you started –

Have a good day everyone!

Mrs McKay

P3M Dinosaur Day 1.04.20

Good morning and welcome to our Dinosaur Day!

Remember you could dress as a paleontologist or even a dinosaur today if you wish. Here are the links to today’s fun activities.  Please feel free to add some of your own if you wish.

Dino Stomp Go Noodle

Dinosaur puzzles

Dinosaur game

Dinosaur Comprehension

Dinosaur egg comprehension

Dinosaur Song

Dr Steve Brusatte – paleontologist

Dr Steve Brusatte

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 31.03.20

Good morning everyone!

Here are your tasks for today.

Here is a link to our daily workout with Joe.

Literacy –

Remember to choose one of the spelling tasks to do today.  Yesterday’s assignment will give you options to choose from.

Here is a link to David Walliams and his daily free audio book for you to enjoy today.

Numeracy –

Choose 2 or 3 activities from our Numeracy and Mathematics Home Learning Wall.



Here is today’s HWB task –

We have been learning about medicine as part of our Health and Wellbeing lessons.  Today we are going to think about the importance of medicine labels.  Read through the powerpoint and discuss with someone at home. WITH AN ADULT, look at some medicine labels at home.  Can you work out what the medicine is used for? Who can take it? (age) How should they take it? (dose/timings) etc. Remember to do this activity when an adult is able to help. Remember how important medicine safety is!

Medicine labels

Have a good day everyone! Remember to take some breaks and try to get out into the garden too.

Mrs McKay

Daily Tasks – 30.03.20

Good morning everyone!

Here are your tasks for the day.

Numeracy –

Today’s numeracy task is a number ‘talk’. Find any way you can to show/represent/write/say what you know about the number 37.  You can do this by writing facts about 37 in your jotter (e.g. it is 30 + 7 etc) or making or showing 37 in your house or garden using various items.  How many ways can you represent 37? Have fun with this!

Spelling –

Our spelling rule this week is are to say air.  I have attached your spelling list.  This week I am not going to post daily spelling tasks.  It is up to you to choose how to learn and revise your words. I have added the active spelling task list again and the suggested outline for daily tasks should you wish to use it.  We will have a spelling quiz on Thursday.

Letter for parent (Highland Spelling)

Active Spelling ideas

are to say air

Topic task –

I know many of you are still working to complete your dinosaur presentation and habitat. Take time to do this today.

Remember it is important to take breaks too.  Try to get out in the garden and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 27.03.20

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

Here are today’s tasks.

Spelling –

You have been working hard on your spelling this week. Well done! Spelling quiz time! Ask someone at home (when they are free to do so) to ask you to write down each of your words.  Then try to add as many roots and shoots as you can.  If you can, send an image to me and I will mark for you. If not, ask someone at home to check how well you did. When you are finished please mark as submitted/handed in on this and your week spelling assignment from Monday if you have not already done so. Good luck!

Numeracy –

Use the strategies you know to complete this Clic Maths activity. Remember we usually have 10 minutes to work on this in class. Try to discuss the strategies you used with someone at home. Good luck!

Clic Maths

French –

Hi everyone, recently in class we have been learning how to say the name of pets in french.  Watch Alexa’s video (she’s the lady who taught us the french rainbow song) and have a go at saying each animal name correctly.  Then look through the powerpoint and see if you can say each of the pets in french. Finally listen to the song. Try to guess which animal each owner is saying they have.

French Pets

Reminder – Do what you can, when you can and remember to take breaks too.   I am so proud of you and all the hard work you have been doing.

Here is today’s link to PE with Joe –

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 26.3.20

Good morning everyone!

Here are your tasks for the day ahead.

Spelling – 

Here are today’s spelling activities.  Choose either an active spelling task or use Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check to revise your words one last time before tomorrow.  Now take some time to think about roots and shoots. E.g. scent is the root and scented would be a shoot word. How many roots and shoots can you think of? Discuss them with someone or write them in your jotter.

Maths – 

Today we are learning about grid references. Start by reading the word document attached to learn about them.  Then read through the powerpoint to learn more about how to use grid references. Finally, complete the attached activity.

Grid References

Grid references

Grid References 2


Person of the Day task 

I am sure some of you are missing our Pupil of the Day activities as much as I am. So I think today we should all aim to have a Person of the Day.  This is someone that you can give compliments to or do little acts of kindness for.  Here’s what you have to do –

  1. Choose someone at home or someone in our team to be your Person of the Day.
  2. Take time to think of some lovely compliments for them.
  3. Choose a ‘Book of Compliments’, a little note or any other imaginative way to write down their compliments. You can give as many compliments as you like.  If you choose someone in our team you can given compliments in our Chill Out Zone.  Please stick to that feed for this task. 
  4. Is there any other way you can be kind to your Person do the Day today? Perhaps if it is mum or dad, you could help do some jobs around the house? If it is someone in our team you could chat to them and ask how they are?

Lets all try and make our Person of the Day smile today!

Here’s a link to today’s PE with Joe

I hope you all have a lovely day!

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 25.3.20

Good morning everyone! Here are today’ s daily tasks.

Spelling –

Here are some spelling activities for you to try today.  If you are finding any of your words particularly tricky then try to develop a cue to help you with them. This may be coming up with a sentence or mnemonic which helps you to memorise them.  E.g. one collar – two sleeves. It is necessary to have one collar and two sleeves on a shirt.  Use any method you can to help you to remember.  You could also discuss parts of speech for each word.  Is it a noun, verb, adjective etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have an adult who is able to chat about this today.  You could always try to do it another time.  Finally, ask someone at home to read out these dictation sentences whilst you write them in your jotter.   If no one is available then copy the sentences carefully from the document into your jotter.  Remember to check you have written our spelling words correctly in each sentence and have remembered to add capital letters and full stops.  You can upload your dictation sentences via teams or send me them in an email if you wish.  Remember to tick when you have completed the task.

Dictation sentences

Maths –

Try to answer these word problems correctly. Remember you have lots of strategies available to help you. You may choose to use a number line/hundred square or you may use doubles or halves. Perhaps friendly numbers or arrays may help. You may use the written upstairs/downstairs method for calculations if you have been using that in class. Our CUBES strategy for word problems may be useful too. Remember you can jot down any calculations or workings. This is a mixture of addition/subtraction and multiplication questions. Just try your best!


Here is our PATHS lesson for today.  It is about listening to others.  Read the information.  Try to think of responses to the questions if you can.  Perhaps you could discuss them with someone at home.  Finish off by completing one or both of the suggested tasks.

PATHS lesson 36

Remember it is important to take breaks and get some exercise too. Here is a link to PE with Joe which I know so many of you are enjoying.

Have a good day everyone!

Mrs McKay

P3M Home Learning 24.3.20

Hi everyone,

Here are your home learning tasks for today if you are unable to access teams.

Reading – Please choose a book to read at home if you can.  Remember to use the 3 sharings to discuss the text. Try to continue completing your First Minister’s reading challenge if you can.

Spelling – Try to do a little bit of spelling each day. Here are links to a useful video and some games to help you with silent c this week.

Maths – Have a go at Topmarks Daily 10.  Here is a link.

Start at level 1 for add/subtract/number bonds and level 2 for multiplication.

Then try out some of these fun multiplication activities.

Fun multiplication activities

Grammar – We are learning about using ‘and’ and ‘but’ as connectives.  Use these resources to help you.

Using ‘and’ and ‘but’ PowerPoint

Using ‘and’ and ‘but’

Health and Wellbeing –

Here is a link to the Body Coach’s daily PE with Joe –

We have also been learning about medicine safety in school.

Please read through this powerpoint and complete the discussion tasks at the end.  Remember you may have to be patient and wait until an adult at home is able to discuss these with you.

Medicine safety

Please do what you can today.  Don’t worry if you are unable to upload images of your work.  If you would like you can also email me attachments to  Again, do what  you can.  Remember to take breaks and get some exercise. Have a good day!

Mrs McKay

P3M Learning Tasks 23.03.20

Good morning everyone, I will post what I can each day here too.

Our Spelling rule this week is silent c











You can continue to complete your spelling tasks each week using the activity grid in your homework jotter. Or you can choose other imaginative ways! I will post some ideas soon.

Maths –

Please complete the dinosaur measuring task issued in class. I will post a quiz to accompany this soon. Please do not worry if you do not have the task.  You could be revising your number bonds or tables today.  I have also set a competition for this week on Sumdog. Try to participate if you can.

Here is a link to the quiz –

Topic –

Choose a dinosaur of your choice to research and create a fact file for.  Try to choose one you have not already researched in class.  Remember to include a title, subheadings and a labelled picture.

Remember you also have your dinosaur habitat task to work on too.

Those of you who were in school later in the week were issued a Home Learning jotter.  You can complete any activities in there or sometimes in other creative ways.  If you do not have a jotter then any paper will do!

As always please ask if unsure.  Try to check in to say hi on teams if you can. Remember you can also contact me through Glow.

Enjoy your day,

Mrs McKay