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A reminder that Parentpay is not only for school meals and the snack bar. All payments such as school trips must be paid through this system as we are now a cashless school.

If you have not already logged on, please do so as soon as possible. If you experiencing any problems logging  on, please call the school office between 8.30am-4pm.

Thank you for your support.

House Quiz – Thursday 28th March

This Thursday afternoon we will have our annual House Quiz. To get into the spirit, we would encourage pupils to wear their House colours (see below) to school. This means it will be a non-uniform day but you should wear something to represent your House colours.

Eagles – yellow

Falcons – Blue

Hawks – Green

Ospreys – Red

Maths Family Game Night – Tuesday 19th Feb

Dear Parent,

We are excited to invite you to attend an evening of fun and learning to celebrate numeracy and maths. The event will be run by our Cluster Numeracy Co-ordinator, Mrs Kyle Smith. Please join us for a Family Maths Games Night on Tuesday, 19th February from 6.30 – 7.30pm.

You will have the opportunity to participate in some maths activities with your child/children that will demonstrate ways to further encourage and support their learning at home. This will be an informal event where you can drop in and choose the activities you want to play. As this event is open to all stages, please consider walking to the school. If travelling by car, please be considerate of the neighbouring residents.

Your oldest child has been given a  return slip today. To help us organise the event, I would appreciate if you could complete and return the slip in your oldest child’s bagbelow by Tuesday 22nd January.

Kind regards,

Karen McDowall, Principal Teacher

Sumdog Success

@sumdog @AttainRen @MathsScot

A huge well done to all of our pupils who have taken part in the Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest so far but a huge congratulations to three pupils who have gone the extra mile:

  • Isla R in P3M is currently in 1st place for the whole of Renfrewshire!
  • Aaron H in P4M is in 2nd place!
  • Vanessa A in P3M is in 38th place!

Also, P4M are currently in 8th place. What a team effort!

Sumdog Contest 16th-22nd November


A new Renfrewshire Sumdog contest starts at 8am on Friday 16th November and ends at 8pm on Thursday 22nd November. Scores are based on accuracy, and questions tailored to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance.

Please play at any time using your username and password to help your class climb the leader board.

Christmas Card Orders – Return by Monday 29th

Your child has their Christmas card order form in their bag. If you wish to order any cards etc, please complete and return with the correct money in the envelope provided by Monday 29th October.

Please check the spelling of your child’s name as the original form was scanned by a computer so there may be errors.

Thank you in advance,

Miss McDowall

Uganda Fundraising Update

Hello everyone! Following on from the ‘Chuck it in a Bucket for Uganda’ day before the holidays, I am absolutely thrilled to say that our school community raised an amazing £578 pounds! Thank you so much for your support in raising this fantastic amount and for your continued engagement in the project. I have really enjoyed speaking to the children about the upcoming visit and cannot wait to  share my pictures and experiences with them when I return in August.

Thanks again,

Miss Cauley



Big Pedal – Monday 23rd April to Thursday 3rd May

The whole school will be taking part in the Big Pedal.  We would ask that children bring their bike or scooter to school each day. Helmets must be worn on bikes and it would be safer if children with scooters wore helmets too, however that is up to individual parents. Every class will have a cycling session every day in the playground. Pupils must dismount their bikes and scooters in the playground and be mindful in the ashy path and surrounding areas of the school grounds.

If you can, please join in as we will count the number of children with bikes and scooters and the number of supporters eg younger siblings, parents, grandparents or teachers who cycle to school. You can follow our progress on the Big Pedal website. #BigPedal