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P3F wk beg 24/02/20

Homework this week –

Book – please read and discuss

Maths – tables – once you’ve completed the sheet , say the table to someone and ask them to test you.

Spelling – or, al, au, aw words

fork, talk, storm, saw, walk, August, food, between, own, below


P3F wk beg 17/02/20

Good morning .I hope you’re having a good weekend.

Homework for this week-

Book – read and discuss.

Maths – tables worksheets  – why don’t you set yourself a challenge and see how fast you can be?

Spelling – ou/ow words – out, owl, mouth, clown, mouse, flower, high, every, near, add.

Read and Munch will be start back on Friday with our P5 reading buddies. Please bring a favourite book to share and a healthy snack.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 03/02/20

Homework this week –

Book – please read and discuss.

Remember to write about your book in your reading passport please.

Maths – times tables patterns

Spelling – oi/oy – boy, toy, annoy, join, spoil, toilet, together, got, group, often

Burns Assembly is on Thursday afternoon.  Wear something tartan if you can.

STEM day Friday 14th February – please bring in recycled resources for our water collection STEM challenge.

Please remember there is an In Service on Friday 7th February , holidays on Monday 10th February and Tuesday 11th February and another In Service on Wednesday 12th February.

See you back at school on Thursday 13th February.

Enjoy your holiday.

Mrs F

P3F wk beg 27/01/20

Homework this week –

Book – please read and discuss

Remember to complete your reading passport.

maths – arrays

spelling – er, ir and ur sounds

girl, first, hurt, curl, winter, over, always, those, both, paper

Be ready to recite your Scottish poem this week.

Mrs F

P3F wk beg 20/01/20

Homework this week –

Book – please read and discuss

Remember we have started a new First Minister’s Reading Challenge.  Please remember to write about this week’s book and any other books you are reading in your reading passport,

maths – arrays

spelling – k or ck sound

hook, book, duck, peck, bike, lake, open, example, beginning, life

Keep practising your Scottish poem.  Be ready to recite it next week please.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 06/01/20


Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and Santa was good to you.  Here we go with term 3.

Homework this week –

Maths – money sheet

Reading – read and discuss book

Spelling – O sounds – oa, ow, o-e

oat, foal, toast, crow, elbow, home, while, along, might, close

This term we are introducing a new spelling homework task.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday tasks remain the same but on a Wednesday you may choose an activity from the spelling activity grid which is stapled inside the front cover of your homework jotter. Try to do a different one each week.

Just a little reminder about the presentation of your work – I expect you to take your time, use a sharp pencil and a rubber.  By now everyone knows the presentation I expect eg. using all the space in your jotter, tails on letters, trying to include joins.

We will start to learn our Scottish poems for the Burns assembly.

On Tuesday you will receive a copy of 3 Scottish poems. Please choose one to learn for the end of the month.  If there is another Scottish poem you would like to learn, please just let me know.

I will see you on Tuesday and Miss Hunter will see you tomorrow.

Mrs F.

P3F wk beg 16/12/19

No homework this week as we are busy with Christmas activities.

Arrangements for this week –

Monday morning wear uniform to school.

Bring cowboy-ish clothes to school in a bag.

Tuesday morning come to school dressed in cowboy-ish clothes.

Bring party clothes, if you wish, for our party in the afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning at our Infant Assembly.

On Friday children may bring a game or a toy (nothing electronic please).

Please remember school finishes at 2.30 on Friday 20th December.

Have a lovely holiday.   See you next year!

Mrs F