P3C & P3W – Solo Talk Homework

Solo Talk Homework

Over the next three weeks, you should prepare a solo talk which you will present to the class the week beginning Monday 14th June. This talk can be on a topic of your choice.

You may wish to talk about:

  • a sport you are involved in
  • a club that you attend
  • your pet
  • your favourite place to visit
  • a holiday you have been on
  • your favourite sports/music/film star.


We will be looking for:

  • good eye contact with the audience
  • a loud, clear voice and good pace
  • a talk which lasts 2 minutes.

You may have notes to help you but should not be reading your talk entirely from a piece of paper or PowerPoint presentation. You may bring a presentation, photos or props to show the class while you talk, but this is optional.

We look forwarding to hearing your presentations!