P3F Friday 15th January

P3F Assignment Friday 15th January

 Do your best with today’s tasks.  Ask for help if you need it please.

Links should be live today. Hope to see you all at 11.30 in the Teams meet if you can manage.

Please let me know on Teams or by email if anything doesn’t work.  You can also send me any work on Teams or by email.


Spelling – Test your spelling for this week. You choose – ask an adult to test you,

use https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/look-say-cover-write-check-1191.htm

or do the long vowel i wordsearch

Reading  – Choose a task from the Reading Activity Choice Board – either Reading Response Tasks – Fiction or Reading Response Tasks – Non-Fiction  . Use the book you chose for this week or , if you forgot to choose one, write about a book you’ve read in class.

Mental maths – Big Maths Clic


Maths – Funky Mummy – you choose which game


Health and Wellbeing – choose an active task for today or it might be something relaxing and mindful. Check out new ideas on NETFLEX Home Workouts PP

Scotland topic  – Check out this website about Scotland and find the answers to the Scotland Quiz