P3F Thursday 14th January

Good morning everyone.  I hope your week is going OK.  It is so great to see you all logging on and trying your best with our daily tasks. Well done!

As we continue to have Teams assignment problems , I will do the same as yesterday and post here and in Teams.

spelling – syllables – chat to someone at home about how many syllables are in each of your spelling words eg. my – 1, try – 1 Remember to use our trick of putting your hand under your chin to help count.  I will put a post in Teams for you to record your answers.

reading – keep reading your book

grammar – compound words – see video

compound word video and quiz

mental maths – number of the day – Our number of the day is 57. Use the number sheet to write down all the things you know about it.  You could put the sheet in a polypocket and write on top so we can use it again or if you’re very fancy you might have a laminator! We have used this in class before.

maths – add and subtract 10 game – remember only the tens digit will change – watch out for the sign – + or – ?

add and subtract 10 game

Health and Wellbeing – choose something active to do

  • medicines topic – What is a medicine ? – watch our video and discuss what you know about medicines.

Topic – Scottish poetry – as always in January, we will all learn a Scottish poem for the Burns Assembly.  Check out the links and choose a poem to start learning.  Be ready to recite it either on video or if you want at a Teams meet by Thursday January 28th.

J. K. Annand

more Scottish poems