P3. What will our week look like?

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” —B.B. King

Welcome to a New Year! We hope you’ve managed to enjoy your Christmas and New Year holidays. Unfortunately, we’re not able to welcome you back the way we wanted to but we look forward to working with you online.


Here is a little rundown of how we would like our home learning to go:

  • There will be three main posts every day:
  • Every day you should say ‘hello/good morning’ in the Check-in post before starting any work. This will let us keep a register.
  • We will also have a Daily Task post where you will find the tasks for that day. There will be links there to take you to each assignment.
  • We will have a Pupil of the Day post where you can leave a compliment for your friend.
  • You may have a Team meeting. Your teacher will let you know when this is each week.  If you can please join the meeting to say hello and give us your news. It will be lovely to hear from you. If you can’t join us, please don’t worry.
  • Assignments– Please upload your work to the assignments tab so we can give you feedback.  We will set the closing date for assignments for one month and you can still hand them in after this date.
  • Daily Tasks– Every day you will have Literacy (spelling and at least one other task), Numeracy and Maths (mental and one main task), Health and Wellbeing (Pupil of the Day, daily fitness and another task) and one other curricular area .e.g. art, music, topic.
  • Sometimes additional tasks may be posted that are not assignments. You can simply respond to these with a comment or by uploading a photo when you reply to the post.
  • Please keep the General Channel tidy and only reply to the posts so there are not comments all over the place.   Please only chat with your friends and use emojis and GIFs in the Chill-Out Zone. Do not share your gamer username on Teams.
  • We know that every home has different arrangements about when and how you do work, so please do not worry if you can’t get everything or even anything done. You can only do what you can and please email us if you have any questions or worries. Could parents please use their personal email account and not their child’s glow account for this.

 The most important thing is to stay safe and happy.  If you or your grown ups are finding it difficult to balance online learning with life at home, take a break from it and come back when you can. Just do what you do in school – try your best and ask for help if you need it.

Click on the ‘Thumbs-Up’ to see what we’ll be doing each week.



From all the P3 Class Teachers