P3A and P3M w/b 07.12.20

Hi everyone! Here is your homework for the week ahead.

Literacy – 

Reading – Please read and discuss the text issued in class. Remember to use The 3 Sharings to do this as this will help you to understand what you have just read.

Spelling – Our spelling rule this week is ‘ee’

Your list of focus words is issued within your assignment in Teams.

Remember to choose an active spelling task to help you remember your words.

I wonder if you will see any of your words while you are reading? If you do, stop, look, spell, check.

Numeracy –

An assignment has been issued on Teams.

We have been continuing to learn our tables. This week we have been using arrays as a strategy to show and calculate multiplications.
Continue to work on learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home.  Start with the 2 and then when you are confident try the 10 and then the 5. Play games, ask someone to quiz you, write them out and recite them.
Your task this week is to find items at home to create your own arrays. Perhaps using toys, tins or buttons. For each array that you create, say the multiplication and calculate the answer.  You may wish to take a photograph and upload it on Teams.
I have attached a picture arrays activity. We have been making the link between arrays, multiplication and repeated addition. This is an optional task should you wish to complete it.

Mrs McLean and Mrs McKay