P3A and P3M Homework w/b 02.11.20

Hi everyone, we hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is your homework for the week ahead.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text issued in class. Remember to use the 3 sharings to do this.

Spelling – Today  we discussed some spelling rules  including ‘wa’

Your list of focus words is issued within your assignment in Teams.

Remember to choose an activity from the choice board to help you remember your spelling rules.

We wonder if you will see any of your words while you are reading? If you do, stop, look, spell, check.

Numeracy –

This assignment has been issued on Teams –

We continue to work on estimating and rounding in class and we have been learning to use rounding to estimate an approximate answer to a calculation.
Complete the activity attached.
Here is a Rocket Rounding game for you to try at home. Play with numbers to 99 or 999 depending on what you are comfortable with. You can also play with or without a number line.
As always please ask if you are unsure,
Mrs McLean and Mrs McKay