P3A & P3M Homework – w.b. 26th Oct

Here is an outline of your homework this week.

Reading – Please read and discuss the text issued in class. Remember to use the 3 sharings to do this.

Spelling – Today  we discussed some spelling rules  including soft ‘g’.

Your list of focus words is issued within your assignment in Teams.

Remember to choose an activity from the choice board to help you remember your spelling rules.

I wonder if you will see any of your words while you are reading? If you do, stop, look, spell, check.

Numeracy –

This assignment has been issued on Teams –

We have been working on estimating and rounding in class.  Start off by watching this short video.


We have learned the rules for rounding. We know that if a number ends in 1, 2, 3 or 4 we round down and if the number ends in 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 we round up. Can you remember the rhyme we learned in class to remember the rule?

Now complete the attached rounding to 10 activity if you can.
Ask someone at home to say some two digit numbers. Try rounding them to 10. You may wish to challenge yourself by getting them to say some three digit numbers. Remember the rule stays the same and you are still rounding to the nearest 10.
Finally can you find any examples of numbers being rounded up or down to make them easier to work with at home?  Examples may be found in the news or you may hear someone using the vocabulary of estimation we have been working with in class – about, roughly, nearly, estimated, approximately. E.g. – ‘There is nearly half the pack left.’ or ‘There is roughly 2 litres of paint left.’
We will discuss any examples found in class on Friday.
As always please ask if you are unsure,
Mrs McLean and Mrs McKay