P3M – Daily Tasks – 03.06.20

Morning everyone, I hope you are all well today.  Here are your tasks for the day ahead.
PE – With Joe or why not try some Cosmic Yoga?
Literacy – Leaflet – This week your writing task is to create an information leaflet about Bishopton. This can be a general information leaflet or about one specific place or idea e.g. Dargavel, Bishopton Primary, Shopping in Bishopton, Sports in Bishopton. Speak to adults or research information online to help you. Remember to include the features we are looking for – heading, subheadings, well organised, bright and eye catching, pictures, important factual information and always keep VCOP in mind. I have attached a leaflet template or design one of your own.  Have fun!
Maths – Capacity – We are going to learning about capacity over the next few days. Capacity is the amount that something can hold.  Its volume is the amount it has in it. We measure capacity and volume using the metric system. We use millilitres and litres as our units of measurement. We are learning that there are 1000 millilitres (we write ml for short) in one litre (we write l for short) .  There are 500 millilitres in half a litre.  So 1000ml = 1l and 500ml = 1/2l. Watch the capacity and volume video. Then look round the house for items that show capacity. Draw/make a list of what you find. Can you find two items that have the same capacity but look quite different in size?  Can you find an item that has a much less volume than its capacity? Finally write out this information and try to remember it –
millilitre = ml      litre = l           1000ml = 1l           500ml = 1/2l.
We will continue working on capacity tomorrow.
Topic/HWB – We have been learning about foods produced on farms in Scotland and the UK. We have thought about food that we eat and the journey it takes from Farm to Fork. Today we are going to take a look at the balance of foods we should be eating. Many of these foods or the ingredients that are in them will be grown/produced on farms. Work your way though the Eatwell Guide PowerPoint (I have also attached this as a PDF for those who find that more accessible). Learn about the balance of food groups we should be eating and the types of food in each group. Finally create your own Eatwell meal. Use the Eatwell plate provided or create one of your own. You can draw food or stick on pictures from magazines/the internet. Think carefully about the balance on your plate. You may wish to create this as an actual meal.
Have a good day guys,
Mrs McKay