P3F wk beg 01/06/20

Good morning everyone.  Tomorrow sees the start of a new month – the last month before the school holidays.  Let’s crack on and get some more learning in before our well-earned summer holidays.

Keep being active especially in the lovely weather. You might like to try some new ideas for activities through the Sustrans website.  They are the folk who organise Big Pedal . You will need to register and get their newsletter but they do lots of good things.Sustrans outside in. Don’t forget the Renfrewshire Leisure Online Olympics – we are doing really well – winning is possible. Renfrewshire Leisure Online Olympics

Keep working on spelling ,reading and times tables the way we do in class.  More topic things this week including science weather experiments – if you are interested.

For the next few weeks, there are some art ideas.  Please don’t worry if you don’t have paints etc just use what you have at home and have fun.

We start a new class novel tomorrow – The Sheep-Pig by Dick King Smith.  I hope you can join the team meetings at 12 each day to check-in and enjoy the new characters from this book.

Here’s to another good week. Success! – Cat & Craft