P3M – Daily Tasks – 29.05.20

Good morning everyone! Here are today’s tasks.

PE – PE with Joe or why not have a go at the Renfrewshire Olympics challenge.



Literacy – Spelling – Ask someone to quiz you on your spelling for this week.  You can submit the weekly spelling assignment on Teams when you are done and upload your quiz if you wish.  Then take some time to read and complete a Bloom’s activity for either a fiction or non-fiction text, depending on what you have been reading.

Numeracy – Time yourself recalling the time tables you are currently working on.  Are you getting quicker? Ask someone to ask you quick fire multiplication questions. How did you do?  Then head over to the Team Ren Maths Challenge page and have a go at today’s challenge. There is also a cool paper aeroplane one that you may wish to try from yesterday.


HWB – For today’s HWB I would like you to reply  to the ‘check in’ post I will create on our main channel on Teams, if you can.  You may want to share some news that you have, show us something new you have been working on or perhaps just tell us how you are feeling. Maybe you would like to share your favourite part of sports day or show us some pictures of you having fun in the sun.  It is entirely up to you how you choose to use the check in opportunity.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a fab weekend in the sunshine everyone.  Remember to make sure you have plenty of sun protection, it is going to be hot, hot, hot!

Mrs McKay