P3M Daily Tasks 02.04.20

Good morning everyone! Here are today’s task.

As it is the last day before the holidays, today’s assignments have an Easter theme.  Have fun working on these tasks.

Start by watching the Easter story –


Then head over to –


To play some Easter games. Many of these are numeracy based.

Finally please take part in our Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt if you can.

Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt

Other activities to do throughout the day include –

Spelling –

Ask someone at home to quiz you on your spelling words this week. If you are in the group that ended up with a double list due to my error (sorry again!) then ask the person who is quizzing you to choose 10 words.  Discuss at home how you got on. You do not have to send your results to me this week.

Numeracy and Mathematics –

Choose another 2 or 3 activities from our P3 Home Learning Wall.

Here is today’s link to Joe to get you started –


Have a good day everyone!

Mrs McKay