P3F Monday 30th March

Just a reminder that I will not be online until 9.30 each day this week.   You can either start on your daily tasks or do your daily fitness.

Here are today’s tasks.

Spelling – are words – fare, bare, share, compare, square, nightmare, mare, blare, flare, stare

Maths – times tables – play the coconut multiple game – eg 10 is a multiple of 2 or 5 or 10


Choose which times table sheet to do – with or without 3x and 4x

French – la fraise – the strawberry la framboise – the raspberry le citron – the lemon la poire – the pear

remember le and la mean the but when there is more than one it changes to les. You will see that in the French song.

Monday and Tuesday this week will be our now usual pattern of tasks. On Wednesday it will be Dinosaur Day.  Maybe you’d like to dress like a paleontologist.

There will be games to play, puzzles to do and a special guest – Dr Steve Brusatte from Edinburgh University.

He will answer some of your dinosaur  questions.  Send your question in on teams on Monday and Dr Steve will reply to some of them on Wednesday.  You can meet Dr Steve here.

Pupil Reports 

Pupil reports will be emailed out to pupils’ glow email accounts  on Thursday.

Here’s to another great week.

Mrs F