P3A At Home Learning

Good Morning

This week starts a new and exciting journey for learning. In class we practised logging in to GLOW. We looked at where tasks will be set and how we can keep in touch with Microsoft Teams. You all did well so I’m sure we can keep in touch this way.

You know we like to use technology to help us learn, you also know that we can sometimes experience wee technical problems. Please don’t worry if this happens. Remember you can also look at the school blog  to see what our learning is for the day.

If you were in school on Thursday, you were given a yellow jotter. This can be used to record any of the learning tasks which you are unable to complete online.

I will continue to try to make learning fun and easy to access by including games, activities, Sumdog (who very kindly have extended access to language tasks too,)  etc.

Remember too that Lego, K-Nex, card games, board games, jigsaws, playdough etc, as well as being GREAT FUN are all tools for learning and really can help with our co-ordination, concentration & perseverance skills. So go on …….look out some of those toy which are gathering dust in a cupboard and PLAY!

Each morning I will post new tasks. I don’t expect everyone to ‘check-in’ at 9 O’clock on the dot but would like you all to ‘check-in’ with me at some point during school hours. Just say ‘hello’ on chat. You can also let me know, through chat, if there is anything you are not sure of. I will do my best to help.

If you can’t get in touch with me through ‘MS Teams’ then send me an e-mail/message through GLOW, that’d be fine too.

From time to time, other teachers will be checking in with you too so make sure you say ’Hi’ back.

I am look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Mclean