P3C & P3W — Week: 6.1.20

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! We hope you had an excellent holiday over the festive period.


  • Reading: New books have been issued.
  • Maths: Sumdog
  • Spelling: Our spelling rule this week is o_e/oa/ow with the sound /o/.
    • Our words are:   froze, store, foal, soap, window, blown, last, school, father, keep

This term we are introducing a new spelling homework task.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday tasks remain the same but on a Wednesday you may choose an activity from the spelling activity grid which is stapled inside the front cover of your homework jotter. Try to do a different one each week.

This week we will start to learn our Scottish poems for the Burns assembly.

On Tuesday you will receive a copy of 3 Scottish poems. Please choose one to learn for the end of the month.  If there is another Scottish poem you would like to learn, please just let me know.


Mr Wormald and Miss Cameron