P3M Reports Issued 02.04.20

Hi everyone,

Reports have now been issued to your child Glow accounts. They may be a bit slow in getting through.  Please let me know if you haven’t received your report by Friday 3rd April.

Happy Holidays everyone! Take some time away from the screen for a while to relax and get some fresh air in the garden. Thank you all for your hard work over the past few weeks.  I am very proud of you!

I’ll see you all back online on Monday 20th April.

Mrs McKay

P3M Daily Tasks 02.04.20

Good morning everyone! Here are today’s task.

As it is the last day before the holidays, today’s assignments have an Easter theme.  Have fun working on these tasks.

Start by watching the Easter story –


Then head over to –


To play some Easter games. Many of these are numeracy based.

Finally please take part in our Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt if you can.

Bishopton Rainbow Easter Egg Hunt

Other activities to do throughout the day include –

Spelling –

Ask someone at home to quiz you on your spelling words this week. If you are in the group that ended up with a double list due to my error (sorry again!) then ask the person who is quizzing you to choose 10 words.  Discuss at home how you got on. You do not have to send your results to me this week.

Numeracy and Mathematics –

Choose another 2 or 3 activities from our P3 Home Learning Wall.

Here is today’s link to Joe to get you started –


Have a good day everyone!

Mrs McKay

P3F Thursday 2nd April – Easter activities

Good morning all

As this is the last day before the holidays and Easter is nearly here, today’s activities are all about Easter.

As with Dinosaur Day, feel free to add in any of your own ideas.  Do you have any spare eggs to decorate or just draw your own.

There’s the Easter story to listen to as well as Easter traditions from around the world.  Choose some of our Easter colouring/puzzle sheets to download.

Can you make a fabulous Easter bonnet from things you have around the house.  Remember to ask permission

Dinosaur Day – 01.04.20

Dinosaur Day

Today is our dinosaur day! All of the learning is themed around our dinosaur topic. We have a variety of games and tasks for you to enjoy. If you have any other dinosaur activities at home then feel free to play with them and send me the pictures. Finally, if you have any questions then just ask. Enjoy today and have fun.

Go Noodle – Dinosaur Stomp

  • Still take part in your PE with Joe session.
  • Have wun with some dinosaur exercise.

Dinosaur – Puzzle Games

  • Spend time just having fun playing through the games.

Maths – Greater Than & Less Than

  • Compare the numbers and think if the first number is greater than, less than, or equal to.

Dinosaur – Maths – Greater Than & Less Than

Dinosaur Egg – Comprehension

  • Read through the passage carefully and read each question carefully making sure you answer every part of the question.

Dinosaur Egg – Comprehension

NHM – What Dinosaur Are you?

  • Go and find out what Dinosaur you are. I found out that I am a Troodon!
  • Afterwards, find out more about your dinosaur at the NHM – Dinosaur Directory

P3F Wednesday 1st April – Dinosaur Day

Welcome to Dinosaur Day

I hope you’ll have fun today doing lots of dinosaur stuff like building Lego dinosaurs, painting or drawing dinosaurs or just playing with your dinosaur toys as well as using the terrific habitats you made.

Check the assignments in teams for links to online games and puzzles/colouring sheets etc.

Try this dinosaur stomp.

Dinosaur game

You’ll also find the interview with our paleontologist Dr Steve Brusatte.  Maybe you’ve decided to dress like a paleontologist.  If you have please post some photos on teams.

More dinosaur facts from Dr Steve Brusatte.

Have a great day

Mrs F

P3M Dinosaur Day 1.04.20

Good morning and welcome to our Dinosaur Day!

Remember you could dress as a paleontologist or even a dinosaur today if you wish. Here are the links to today’s fun activities.  Please feel free to add some of your own if you wish.

Dino Stomp Go Noodle


Dinosaur puzzles


Dinosaur game


Dinosaur Comprehension

Dinosaur egg comprehension

Dinosaur Song


Dr Steve Brusatte – paleontologist

Dr Steve Brusatte

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs McKay

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