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P1P/P1S – Maths Week Scotland Round-up

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Well, your first ever Maths Week Scotland at Bishopton Primary is over. We hope you all enjoyed it. We had a very busy week learning new maths skills and having fun sharing our knowledge in lots of different ways.

Here are the links to a couple of the videos we enjoyed this week.

Count to 20

The Chicken Count

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways

Here is a wee look at some of the activities we have been working on this week.

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P1P/P1S – Today We Were ……….

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This afternoon we continued celebrating all things maths by focusing on this year’s theme: Maths at Work. We looked at how different maths skills were used in a variety of jobs. Please discuss this with your child and, if possible, chat to them about the different ways in which you may use maths at work.

So much fun was had when we became chefs, bakers, builders, engineers, scientists and shopkeepers. Some of us may have got a little messy!

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P1P/P1S – Litter Picking Duty

There was much excitement yesterday when we had the opportunity to use the school litter pickers.  We were very impressed at just how well the children completed this task.  The area we were working on was cleared in less than 10 minutes! So much fun was had that the children didn’t actually realise the benefits of what they were doing. Looking after their school environment in this way is a wonderful experience for the children to be a part of. It allows them a sense of pride knowing that they have played a part in keeping our school tidy.

It also gave them the opportunity to see the types of litter being dropped within the school grounds. And …… as it’s Maths Week Scotland we may just be able to use the information to create a wee survey!

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P1P/P1S – Maths Fun!

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We had lots of fun learning “all about maths” last week. Please ask your child about some of the activities they took part in. Thank you to everyone you completed our “Maths Bingo” homework tasks and to those of you who also tweeted what you were getting up to. I enjoyed looking at all of the posts!

Here are a few photos from our final days of celebrating Maths Week Scotland.



P1P/P1S – Maths Week Scotland so far …….

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We have been celebrating “all things Maths” this week in school. Hopefully we have been learning lots and building on our Numeracy skills.  So far this week we have been on a number hunt in the school, played with different number activities, drew a castle using 2D shape, been on a visit to the Co-op (photos to follow) and lots more.

Our Free Flow afternoons have been outside and, so far, we have been very lucky with the weather. The children have been taking part in different maths activities and learning new skills and mathematical vocabulary. Please ask the children what they have been up to.

Here are a few photos of our week so far.

P1P/P1S – Maths Week Scotland: Co-op Visit

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This morning we visited Bishopton Co-op as part of our Maths Week and I have to say, it was a great success. The children had a shopping list to complete and did so very well. They should now know where certain items can be found in the shop!

Once they had completed their task, they were able to spend their money – and what a wide range of purchases they made! Lots of fun was had and both Mrs McAvoy and I were delighted in the way the children represented our classes, and Bishopton Primary, on our first trip out of school. Well done everyone!

A huge thank you to our parent/grandparent helpers for coming with us and for getting so involved. It was a great help!

Have a wee nosey at our photos from today’s visit.


P1P/P1S – Co-op Visit

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As you know, on Wednesday 2nd October we will be visiting the Co-op as part of Maths Week Scotland. The children may bring up to £1.00 to spend. Please note this is optional. If your child is bringing money to spend, we ask that it is brought to school in a small bag or envelope clearly marked with their name and class.  This may be done in the days leading up to Wednesday or on the day itself. To prevent any mishaps, Mrs McAvoy and I will issue the money when we reach the Co-op.

Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy


P1P/P1S – Maths Week Scotland – Co-op Visit

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On Wednesday 2nd October we are hoping to visit the Co-op as part of Maths Week Scotland. We will be leaving about 11.20am and returning to school for 12-noon, in time for lunch. To allow us to do this, we will require 4 parent helpers (2 per classto come along with us. If you (or a  grandparent) are able to help, please comment on this post or send a note via the book bags.

Thanking you in advance.

Mrs O’Neill & Mrs McAvoy