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NEW! Stage Blogs and Site Changes!

You may have noticed some changes on our school blogs. To allow us to keep you updated with all the wonderful work happening at Bishopton Primary we have had to set up each stage with their own blog. These look just the same as before and you should be able to navigate between the main school site, and the class blogs, easily.

For example, if your child is in P5S you can click on the link down the left hand side of the main page to access the posts specific to them, or go via the Class Blogs menu at the top of the page. Both links will take you to the same place. This is where posts meant only for P5S will be located.

To view posts meant for everyone (eg. upcoming events, menu changes, school-wide news) you can select Whole School News from the list on the left hand side or from the News menu at the top of the page. These posts are also located in a section on the right hand side of all of the class blogs.

We highly recommend subscribing to your class updates (using the Subscribe to Primary… link). This will send an email every evening with all updates specific to the class and all Whole School News posts.

We hope you enjoy using the blogs and seeing what is happening in the school.


Just a reminder to send a picture of your child and their family into school this week if possible please. As mentioned at the parents information evening, our current topic is All About Me and we will use the pictures to discuss their family and what/ who is special to them.


Miss Cruickshank and Mrs Nugent

Pupil of the day

Today Primary 1 have started our PATHS pupil of the day.  If your child is pupil of the day they will bring home a selection of compliments their classmates/teacher have said about them.  It would be great if you could add your own 1 or 2 compliments and return this to school for your child to share with the class.

Each pupil of the day will wear a special medal that day and their name and photo will be displayed on the classroom door to celebrate their special day.

Thank you

Primary 1 staff

W/B 28.8.17

Hi everyone

We hope you had a wonderful weekend.

As explained at the information evening, we are sending home a list of suggested maths activities for you to complete at your leisure. All we ask is that you initial or put a tick beside the activity as and when you complete each one.

Homework this week will be revising the sounds (p, i and n.) Links for the songs are below.

p song

i song

n song

Please remember to send your child’s bookbag to school each day. We will continue to check bookbags daily.

Miss Cruickshank and Mrs Nugent


P1N and P1P

Hi everyone

We hope you had a lovely weekend.

Just a reminder that we have our P1 information evening on Thursday 24th August at 6.45-7.45pm.

We sent home all bookbags for the first time today. If your child had not handed in a bookbag, we have given them a polypocket for the time being. Please ensure you send your child’s bookbag into school each day. We will send bookbags home every night except a Friday.

Inside the bookbags you will find a yellow homework card that will detail homework for that week. Please initial or sign each week to show us homework has been completed. If you have any comments then you can add them to the card in the space provided.

Homework for this week

Practise and learn jollyphonics sounds (s, a and t) You will find links for the songs below. (s song) (a song) (t song)

We are looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday.

Miss Cruickshank and Mrs Nugent

P1N and P1P

Hi everyone

We had a lovely first day with your children and were very impressed with their enthusiasm. We are excited about what this year will bring.

Just to let you know that our gym days will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thanks again to everyone who has already handed in gym bags. It would be great if all gymbags could be handed in by the end of the week as we will be starting formal PE lessons next week. Remember a full gym kits consists of a polo shirt, shorts and gym shoes. Please avoid shirt and ties on these days if possible. We would also recommended that all jewellery remains at home on these days.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Miss Cruickshank and Mrs Nugent

Welcome to P1!

What a lovely day we’ve had. All children have settled in really well and we can’t wait to get to know them more.

Here are a few hints and tips to help P1 run smoothly.

  • Please ensure snacks for playtime are not placed inside your child’s lunchbox as this confuses them. Pop them in their schoolbag.
  • Please try to limit their morning snack to one item and a drink.
  • Please discuss lunch options with your child the night before so they know if they are an option 1, 2 or 3.
  • If they are a packed lunch or home, please make this clear to your child.
  • We encourage children to drink only water during class time.
  • Please ensure all belongings (including water bottles) are clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.
  • Please ensure that your child knows who is collecting them at the end of the day (parents, grandparents, after school care etc)
  • If attending after school care, please make sure you have informed them of any changes.

Many thanks for those of you who have handed in bookbags and gymbags already. If you have not already done so, please hand them in by the end of the week if possible. We will start to use the bookbags next Monday.

We look forward to seeing you at the parent information evening next Thursday 24th August at 6.45pm – 7.45pm.

Best wishes

P1 Teachers